Happy Employees and Happy Customers Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

There is a disturbing trend among employers that has been going on for some time. In the last 12 months, thanks to the recession, I have seen this trend steadily worsen, and I believe it is almost at critical mass…I’m referring to a trend I’ll call Retail-itis. Retail-itis happens when a business is vastly more […]

My Life in 10 Songs

I do now, and have always loved music. I own maybe 40 gigs of music, which is a small amount these days, but my collection covers an extremely wide range. I was thinking the other day of putting together a list of my Top 10 favorite songs, and I finally got around to it. A […]

I Got Into Mensa

So, I received my acceptance letter today…I got into Mensa! American Mensa is a national high IQ society, based in Arlington, TX. In order to get in, you have to score in the 98th percentile on a standardized intelligence test. On most common IQ tests, this equates to an IQ of 132 or higher. I […]

A Twisted Sense of Humor

Those who know me best know that I have something of a twisted sense of humor. Some things that amuse me might actually be considered tasteless, while other things people just may not want to admit they find funny. In honor of my twisted sense of humor, I have decided to provide links and information […]

Christmas is not about Christ – The True Origin of Christmas

First off, I love Christmas. It is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Family, holiday cheer, presents, no work or school. I love it. However, it seems the vast majority of people are enjoying Christmas under some false pretenses. I detest mindless traditions that are carried out without any idea of the […]

The Origin of Phrases

How often do we use a phrase without any knowledge of where it came from? In the recent movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets, there was a part of the movie where Nicolas Cage’s character gave the history behind the phrase “His Name is Mud”. I had been equally intrigued by the origins of symbols […]