Twisted Classic Computer Games

So, continuing on the theme of twisted, I thought I would chronicle my favorite childhood computer games. I first started on video games in the 80’s, when Nintendo came out. Not long after that, personal computers became common, and I migrated over to computer games.

The first computer game I remember playing was Wolfenstein 3D, in 1992. It was an incredible game at the time, with cutting edge graphics and more gore than anything else out. It was followed closely by the original Doom (1993) and it’s three sequels (1994, 1995, and 1996, respectively), some of the coolest games ever made in my opinion. The fan made WADs (custom levels) were some of the most entertaining I have ever played for any game. I qualify these as twisted due to the graphic and often disturbing environments.

In 1997, a particularly nasty game called Blood came out. This took gore and disturbing game play to a whole new level. The weapons, such as flame throwers and Molotov cocktails, made this game truly entertaining.

The year 2000 marked the release of American McGee’s Alice, one of the most unique and entertaining games I have ever played. This game epitomizes twisted in every detail, turning Alice in Wonderland into a true nightmare. You can listen to the soundtrack for this game here: American McGee’s Alice Soundtrack

Clive Barker’s Undying, released in 2001, is equally twisted. Created by the master of occult horror, this game still gives me chills when I play it. The game play is intuitive, blending traditional weapons with magical abilities. The graphics were cutting edge at the time, and I enjoy playing this game to this day.

2004 marked a landmark in game development with the release of Doom 3. 11 years after the original, this game took graphics to a whole new level. Upon it’s release, there weren’t any machines that could play this game at max frame rate. Doom 3 still scares the shit out of me when I play it. Very cool.

In 2005, F.E.A.R. came out. I have never played a game that frightened me more. Every aspect of this game is chilling, like blending a truly scary horror movie with game play. I won’t play this with the lights out.

Rounding out the list is BioShock. While not a terribly scary game, this game is truly twisted and errily creepy. The game changes based on how evil your choices, and incorporates very disturbing imagery and sound. This is one of my favorites.

There are dozens of others that I could mention, but these are the best, in my not so humble opinion. Now if only I had time to actually play these days…alas.

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