A Twisted Sense of Humor

Those who know me best know that I have something of a twisted sense of humor. Some things that amuse me might actually be considered tasteless, while other things people just may not want to admit they find funny. In honor of my twisted sense of humor, I have decided to provide links and information about some of the things that amuse me most.

First on the list would be my love of irreverent cartoons. South Park, Family Guy and the Simpsons are my favorite cartoons of all time. Everything is funny, nothing is taboo. I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed myself to tears listening to Cartman rant about one thing or another. Along the same lines, my cousins and I spent many a rainy day watching Jackass and Viva la Bam, two of the funniest shows on TV. Well, formerly on.

An interesting site I came across many years ago, T-Shirt Hell. They have some of the most tasteless and irreverent t-shirts available. They even have a standing offer, if you are ever asked to leave get off a commercial airline because your t-shirt is offensive (and you got it from them, were polite, and broke no laws), then they will send their private jet to pick you up and take you to your destination. Pretty cool.

For funny pictures and videos, the two best sites around are Fail Blog and eBaum’s World. You will laugh for hours and hours. Some of the stuff on there is absolutely hilarious. Some is utterly tasteless. Not for the timid or faint of heart.

Another amusing yet twisted pastime…flash games. My all time favorite flash games are “Kitten Cannon” and “Torture Chamber”. You can find both at Addicting Games. Kitten Cannon lets you launch a kitten over obstacles, going for the longest distance. Explosives and Venus Fly-traps spice things up nicely. Torture Chamber lets you do creative things to stick figures.

Well, that should provide those with a twisted sense of humor hours and hours of entertainment. Enjoy!