Gun Control Won’t Prevent Anything…Here’s Why

Columbine. Aurora. Newtown. I’d be incredibly surprised if anyone reading this doesn’t recognize those names. Each was a tragedy, each involved guns, and each might have been preventable…but not by gun control. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the feeling. When tragedy strikes, we look for someone to blame, and if that doesn’t feel like […]

The Method Behind Apple’s Madness

From its humble beginnings 36 years ago to its ascent to the most valuable company on earth, Apple has achieved truly incredible things. 23.9% profit margins, for a hardware company? Yup. Roughly $100 billion in cash, tucked away for a rainy day? Yup. 60% Y/Y growth after 35 years in business? Yup. How exactly have […]

The Art of Body Recomposition

In the last 10 years, my weight has ranged from a high of 265 when body building to a low of 157 when doing endurance training. I’ve lost as much as 80 lbs in just 5 months, and at one point I could leg press over 1,000 lbs. Whenever I feel like making a change […]

Cash or Check – No Cards

I went to Seattle Pie Company today to buy a pie. I love their pie. But when I went to pay, I was greeted with “Sorry, we only accept cash or check.” WTF? I replied with “since when?”, and was told 2 days ago. Well, so sorry, but I don’t carry cash. Ever. And I […]


I’m a very philosophical sort of guy, always thinking and pondering and questioning. One topic that I cogitate on frequently is time, what it is, what it means to us, and its value. This may come as a shock to some people, but I don’t own a watch, and I never use an alarm clock […]

Facebook and Google and Privacy, Oh My!

So I woke up this morning, skimmed over Twitter, and saw that, supposedly, Facebook paid to initiate a Google bashing campaign…WTF? Not too bright there Facebook. But it got me to thinking about another thing that Google and Facebook have in common…privacy issues. And that just pisses me off. No, the privacy issues themselves don’t […]