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Where The Wild Things Are Not – Movie Review

I grew up with the book Where The Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. As a child, it was one of my favorite books because the character Max was like me in so many ways. Most who knew me as a child remember me as quite a “wild thing”. That said, I was very excited to see a movie rendition of such a beloved book.

However, I had wondered, when I saw that they were making a movie from the book, how they would take such a short book and make a feature length film out of it that could actually hold its own.

The answer is that they couldn’t.

While I felt that the movie version of Where The Wild Things Are had wonderful visual imagery, and I thought the character of Max was played to perfection. I felt like I could really relate to Max. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to save the movie, and my positive comments end here.

Overall, this movie felt empty. While I couldn’t help but smile at some of the scenes, not once did it really pull me into the story. There really wasn’t much of a story to get pulled into. I’m afraid 48 pages does not translate well into an hour and a half worth of movie.

For parents looking to take their children to see it, I’ll say this: This really wasn’t a movie that most kids would enjoy.

It was very slow paced, with a lot of somber emotional scenes and sometimes violent tension between characters. More than half the audience in the theater with us were children, and I heard very little laughter, not to mention quite a few comments like “why did they do that” or “this isn’t like the book”. A few parents and kids even walked out part way through the movie.

It did, however, have the effect a bedtime story should…a number of people, adults and children, fell asleep 🙂

While it was nice to see a visual representation of what I had so often pictured in my mind as a child, I won’t be seeing it again. If you watch the trailer for the movie, you will have already seen every part of it worth watching. On that note, here is the trailer: