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Beyond Glaze – The New Best Donuts in Utah

I’ve become something of a deal hunter over the last few months, and I came across a special on DealsThatMatter.com for a place called Beyond Glaze, a donut (or doughnut, if you prefer) shop I’d never heard of. Ever one to try new things, I snagged the deal and set off to try a new Utah donut shop.

And let me just say, holy crap, these are some incredible donuts! Easily some of the best I’ve had. Better than Krispy Kreme, better than Daylight Donuts…heck, these might be the best donuts I’ve ever had, which is very, very cool. Even cooler though is the story behind this place.

Beyond Glaze is a family business, founded by the Grandpa of the family. He used to own a construction business, but when the recession hit and the housing market took a tumble, he decided to get out and do something else…and somehow that led to really awesome donuts. Well, I never thought I’d say this, but yay for the recession!

Before going, I read a few reviews to get a feel for Beyond Glaze, and most of what I read was quite positive. The few negatives cited the fact that these are “just” glazed donuts with some toppings. Well, my friends, there is no such thing as “just” a glazed donut! Having made donuts on numerous occasions, I can tell you that making a perfect glazed donut is an extremely difficult thing to do…and these were truly perfect glazed donuts.

They have over two dozen different flavors, with more appearing all the time. On this particular trip, I sampled the following varieties:

A Blueberry Bliss Donut at Beyond Glaze in Draper UT
Blueberry Bliss Donut
A Blueberry Torte Donut at Beyond Glaze in Draper Utah
Blueberry Torte Donut
Cookies and Cream Donut at Beyond Glaze in Draper UT
Cookies and Cream Donut
A Maple Madness Donut at Beyond Glaze in Draper UT
Maple Madness Donut (I actually had the Maple Bacon (picture this with candied bacon pieces on top), which rocked!)
Nutmed Donut at Beyond Glaze in Draper Utah
Nutmeg Donut
A Strawberry Cream Cheese Donut at Beyond Glaze in Draper UT
Strawberry Cream Cheese Donut

Slobbering yet? You should be 🙂

All of these donuts were fantastic, but I had favorites 🙂 The Maple Bacon was, hands down, the best donut that I have EVER tasted. Maple frosting, candied bacon pieces…seriously, I’ve always said bacon makes everything better, and this just proves it!

The Nutmeg donut was my second favorite, and a close second at that. I love nutmeg, and this had an incredible flavor and aroma, as any great food should. Even my wife, who hates nutmeg, loved this donut.

And, coming in third was the Blueberry Torte. Killer donut, especially with the crumbly bits.

I really wanted to try their Peach Cobbler donut, and the Apple Crisp donut, but I guess this place is super popular and sells out fairly early in the day. If you want the best donuts, show up early 🙂

They have 2 locations, one in Draper, and one in SLC proper. You can view donut varieties and contact info online at BeyondGlaze.com

You can also follow them on Twitter @BeyondGlaze

If you want to call in an order to make sure you get the donuts you want, the phone number is 801-571-2309

The Draper location is here:


And the SLC location is here:


Daylight Donuts – The Best Donuts in Utah

I’ve always been a big fan of pastries, from croissants and kolaches to donuts and baklava. Growing up in Texas, there was no shortage of bakeries and local donut shops, so there were always awesome options. Unfortunately, in Utah, your choice is typically Krispy Kreme (which is way too rich for me), or the closest grocery store (whose donuts usually suck). Well, if you live in Utah Valley, you have another option: Daylight Donuts in Pleasant Grove.

The best donuts I’ve found in Utah are at Daylight Donuts, hands down. They have everything from the standard glazed and donut holes, to fantastic bearclaws filled with creme cheese, bavarian creme, and a whole host of fruit fillings. Cinnamon twists, apple fritters, sprinkles, chocolate, old fashioned…the list goes on and on, and everything is delicious 🙂

In fact, that sounds so good I think I’ll go get some donuts right now!

You can learn more at Daylight Donuts

Directions are here:


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