The Great Obamanation

I hate politics. Absolutely detest, utterly abhor. Why? In my opinion, anyone who wants to be in politics shouldn’t be there. Hidden agendas can and are destroying our country. Being the President of the United States is not an easy job. No one in their right mind would want to do that unless they had something to gain from it. The key, in my not terribly humble opinion, would be to find someone capable of doing it well, who is willing to do it, but who doesn’t actually WANT to do it.

So, on to the topic of The Great Obamanation. This election represents a landmark event. Barack Obama is an intelligent, capable guy. He is well educated, well spoken, and very people savvy. I did not vote for him. In fact, I didn’t vote at all. I couldn’t in good conscience pick between what I felt to be 2 bad choices. I mean, if you were given the choice between cancer and getting shot, would you actually choose either? Yeah.

Between McCain and Obama, Obama is capable of being a much better President. But the truth is, Mitt Romney would have been a better President than both by far. It’s like the old show The Weakest Link. The goal is to get rid of the real contenders. I thought it was pretty funny that at the start of the race, the only thing the Democrat and other Republican candidates could agree upon is that Romney shouldn’t be President. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Why? Well, because he’s Mormon, of course, which in reality is as biased an argument as not choosing Obama because he’s black. Discrimination obviously isn’t limited to Racism.

So, I wish Obama well, and I really do hope that he proves to be a capable President. I figure at the very least he’ll play it straight his first term, and hopefully a better candidate will surface (or re-surface) for the next round. If not, well, I can always move to Costa Rica 🙂

UPDATE: Well, I was wrong. Not only did Obama turn out to be an incompetent President, he hasn’t played it straight at all! The dumb bastard is spending us into the next Great Depression…as far as I’m concerned, Obama is the Anti-Christ 🙁

Oh well. Maybe Romney will run again in 2012, and perhaps people will vote intelligently this time…

UPDATE 2: Nope. People in this country really are idiots, electing the same moron again. Sigh. I give up, time to move to another country.

The “G” Spot in Orem – Utah Restaurants

UPDATE: G is now closed…sad :'(

I figured I should begin with a post that will allow those who stumble upon my own little Wonderland a glimpse into the mind behind the words. My name is Sam, yes Sam I Am, and I do indeed like green eggs and ham, not to mention exotic cars, movies, books, video games, and food. I also happen to like a cozy little spot called “g”.

Located at 70 North Geneva Road in Orem, UT, “g” is a fantastic little restaurant. Out of the way, and frequented by those in the know, the “g” is open Monday – Friday, from 11am to I’m not actually sure when. Lunch is always $6.50, and includes a roll, salad, a side or three, and a main course. The menu changes every week, and is available by visiting their website. Drinks are $1 extra, and dessert if you so desire is $1.50.

The food is fantastic! I’ve yet to have anything I that wasn’t delicious, and who can argue with such an incredible price? So far, I’ve had the Parmesan Chicken and Spinach Alfredo, the Sirloin Steak, and most recently the Thanksgiving Turkey Feast. So what’s the deal? $6.50? For real?

As it turns out, the wizard behind the curtain is Guillermo Cruz. He runs a catering business in the evenings, but found he was bored during the day and wanted to cook more, so he gutted the lower level of an older house, and turned it into a cozy spot for lunch. I’d get there early, as the place gets busy after noon.

The weekly menu is now available at You can also receive it by sending an email to with the subject line Add to Menu Mailing List.

For those who love food as much as I do and are looking for a delicious Utah restaurant, be sure to check out the “g” spot 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve been here probably 40 times since my original posting, have had something different almost every time I’ve been, and have yet to have anything that wasn’t absolutely fantastic. The stuffed steak is one of my favorites. The best I’ve had so far is an Argentinian dish of shredded beef, beans, rice and fried plantains. Delicious!

G also offers a frequent diner card – Buy 9 meals, get 1 free.


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