The Twilight of Our Lives

About a month ago, I went by to help my sister fix her computer, and she was reading Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. I laughed at her, having found the general Twilight obsession amongst the estrogen enriched population to be quite amusing. My sister said, “Remember when you made fun of everyone about the Harry Potter obsession? What happened when you finally read one? Yeah, this is the same situation.” My sister and I have very, very similar taste in both books and movies, so I decided to give it a shot.

A few days later, I got around to starting Twilight…and it was absolutely amazing! The story was unique, the characters were interesting, but most of all I was amazed by Stephanie Meyer’s ability to convey a story by describing sensory experiences. She makes sights, sounds, smells and emotions leap off the pages, dragging the reader, willingly or not, into an absolutely enchanting story. I bought and read all 4 books in less than a week. My wife had also never read the books, and quickly joined in a new obsession. We were hooked, eagerly anticipating the release of the movie.

This morning, my wife and I went to see the Twilight movie, and found it to be absolutely fantastic. Like most movies adapted from a book, it does not follow the storyline verbatim, but the essence that made the Twilight Saga so riveting to read was abundantly present in the visual presentation. While I was originally skeptical about the casting of the movie, all of the characters played their parts marvelously. Nothing important was left out, and the visuals were masterful. The Cullen’s home was just as I pictured it. The baseball game rocked!

One thing that I found amusing…the ratio of women to men at the theater was probably 50:1. While I understand that the romantic part of these books (Edward 🙂 ) appeals greatly to women, the story has everything a guy could want. Gorgeous women, hot cars, incredible action, vampires, werewolves, a plot….guys, take my word for it. If you like to read, READ THESE BOOKS! If you don’t like to read, then see the movie. It’s worth your time and money, hands down.

I’ve read thousands of books, and have a personal library well in excess of 10,000 books, and I can say hands down that the Twilight books are some of the best that I have ever read. Stephanie Meyer has literally performed a JK Rowling like miracle, having created, as a first time author, a saga that will continue in popularity for many, many years to come.

Thank you, Stephanie, for creating such a masterful work of art!

For those who have not yet experienced the magic of Twilight you can find the books here:

The Twilight Saga: Boxed Set

Twilight Soundtrack

No Utardish Allowed

So, while I live in Utah, I am most certainly not a Utard. I am from Texas. I say fork, and creek. I am capable of driving the correct speed, and can pass flashing lights without slowing to look. I am aware of my surroundings, and do not contemplate the next life while driving in this one. Utardish drivers suck, hands down.

Sometimes I swear. Damn. I go to church most Sundays, but not all. I don’t pretend to be perfect, because I’m not. My life does not revolve around the opinions of others. Neither does my self worth.

It’s better not to live it than to pretend to live it. Hyposcrisy sucks.

Too many members of the Mormon church have failed to learn the lessons of Christ’s day and age. The Saducees and the Pharisees behaved exactly the same way. They were more concerned about the appearance of being righteous than actually being righteous. Power and appearance were where their hearts were. They knew very well who Christ was, and yet the changes he proposed would have, in their minds, robbed them of the power and image they had so carefully hoarded. We all know how that ended…

The point is, while I love my religion, I do not like Utah. Too many people “posing for the camera”. Living my life right, saving my own soul, is a full-time job. When I get that one down, then I’ll worry about everyone else. Remember the motes and the beams folks.

But seriously, the one thing that MUST change, the thing I detest most…the driving. I love to drive, but I HATE stupid drivers. 9 out of 10 Utah drivers are completely oblivious to the speed limit, have no idea what turn signals are, and think merging and slowly drifting from lane to lane are the same thing.

My time is precious. Please don’t waste my time. If you are too old or too stupid to drive, just don’t do it. More people die from cars than guns, and we actually regulate guns. Any moron can get a car.

I refuse to learn, drive or be Utardish.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

A New Genesis for the Automotive Industry

In the beginning there were overpriced luxury cars, such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Then, an automotive Prometheus decided to give fire to the people, and thus was born the Hyundai Genesis.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of luxury cars, and have ridden in and driven a wide variety of automotive masterpieces, so I was most certainly skeptical when along comes Hyundai touting the next Luxury Sedan. The only thing I knew about Hyundai was that they were cheap and had a great warranty, which I was pretty sure was their only real selling point.

The more I read, the more I was intrigued. The list of features in the Hyundai Genesis reads like a luxury checklist. Transmission used by Porsche, Maserati and more…check. Sound system used by Rolls Royce…check. The list goes on and on.

Their in-house technology was even more impressive. Drag coeffecient of 0.27? Incredible. Almost 100hp per liter out of the naturally aspirated engine? Fantastic! Best of all, $42,000 fully loaded for the V8 version, or 1/2 the price of some of it’s competition, and it comes with the same great Hyundai warranty as every other car they make. So I figured, alright, this deserves a drive.

I own an Internet Marketing business, and I am always in the market for a good business car, so I went to down to my local Hyundai dealership and took a test drive. All I have to say is Wicked Sweet, I want one.

This car is absolutely fantastic, and I’m comparing that to the luxury cars that I have driven, from Jaguars to Porsches. This car felt effortlessly fast, and yet was perfectly quiet and comfortable. The audio and navigation system were first class. The materials used appeared to be of the highest quality. I honestly had no complaints at all.

Thank you Hyundai for kicking the luxury automotive industry where it counts, and putting automotive “fire” within reach of mere mortals such as I.

Walking the Thin Line Between Insanity and Genius