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Ground Zero Mosque – Islam – Etc

OK, this will be short, not very sweet and to the point. Why the hell are people bitching and moaning about a mosque being built “too near” to Ground Zero? Oh, wait, that’s right, they are whining about it because they are ____________(insert derogatory comment here.)

That’s correct. If you have an issue with a mosque being built at Ground Zero, you are at the very least ignorant, and quite possibly a complete and total moron.

Islam is, for the most part, one of the most peaceful religions on the planet. More death, suffering and terrorism have been perpetrated in the name of Christianity than have ever occurred in the name of Islam. It comes as no surprise that Western culture has an issue with Islam, since we have become so incredibly corrupt as a society. The majority of the US claims to be Christian, yet lives and treats others as heathens. Hmmmm…moving on.

The World Trade Center wasn’t attacked my Islam, but by Islamic extremists. In almost all instances, good is good only in moderation. Taking a good thing to an extreme can turn that good thing evil, or at least have an evil effect. So it is with Islam. Islam, overall, is a good thing. Extremists twist beliefs to suit their evil purposes, leveraging programming and brainwashing techniques to recruit weak-minded idiots to their cause.

The majority of Islamic people are peaceful, while a small, extreme minority support the lesser Jihad, or warfare against perceived threats to the beliefs of Islam. Majority good, small minority bad…got it?

Personally, I’m Christian, and I believe strongly in Freedom of Religion, and anyone who thinks there shouldn’t be a mosque near ground zero most certainly doesn’t support that freedom, and has strayed far from the precepts of Christianity and the values of charity and tolerance.

The people who died in the towers represented a variety of religions, Islam included, and they deserve to be represented just as much as any Christian, Hindi, Buddhist, Atheist, Sikh, etc.

So, to the whining morons out there…stop being weak-minded sheep who follow wherever biased bigots and rabble-rousing media lead you! Study the issue and try supporting an intelligent cause for a change 🙂

Separation of Church and State – A Twisted Tale

Despite what some may say, this is actually a very simple issue. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states quite clearly that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”. This means, quite simply, that no issue of religion is to be determined by the United States Government, nor any State government (14th Amendment).

So, if we accept that, then that means that no body of government at any level has the right to say where you can and cannot pray, where a cross can and cannot be placed, where “God” can and cannot be written, or anything else in regards to religion.

However, separation of church and state was NEVER meant to mean separation of religion in all forms from government, and everyone involved in government, in every way. This country was founded by deeply religious men and women…that was, after all, the main reason so many left Europe, to obtain religious freedom.

It was understood then, as it should be now, that your religion absolutely influences who you are and the way you make decisions, and that is simply unavoidable. In fact, it is desirable, for morality and religion go hand in hand, and we WANT and NEED moral leaders. A beneficial democracy cannot exist without morals.

The fact of the matter is that the United States of America is a democracy, where the majority sets the rules. As of 2008, 76% of US Citizens identified themselves as Christian. This means, like it or not, that the majority, the ones setting the laws, are Christian. Since any religion should, if lived, define one’s character, it will of course influence one’s decisions and morals.

And, so long as the Christian majority aren’t forcing anyone to believe in or actively participate in Christianity, the minority gets to live with it. Nobody, be it a vocal minority or the US Government, has the right to say where, when or how anyone can or cannot worship.

Prayer in schools? A OK, and there isn’t a damn thing the US Government can legally say about it. Granted, nobody can be forced to participate, but any student who would like to pray at school is, according to the Constitution, free to do so. Crosses on government or public land? Once again, fair game, and the Gov has no say. God on our money, public buildings, etc? It is an important part of the history of our country, and should never be forgotten or pushed aside. If the majority wants it there, then there it stays.

The Constitution guarantees that nobody will ever be forced to join a religion or share your religious (or non-religious) beliefs, and that works both ways. We should respect different religious beliefs (or lack thereof), worship when and where we see fit (or not at all), and be tolerant of those whose religious beliefs or non-beliefs differ from our own.

We need to stop looking at insignificant differences and try finding some common ground. If the majority would stand up and act like mature adults, perhaps our country would be a much better place, and this wouldn’t even be an issue. To fear and fight against that which is different, for no other reason than that it is different, is for fools and fools alone.

The principles of Christianity (and most religions for that matter), if lived, make both individuals and the world a better place to live, a moral place, a place of laws, of right and wrong, of justice and freedom.

Who, in their right mind, would fight against that?

We Need to Put a Stop to Illegal Immigration

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against immigration or immigrants, so long as they are legal 🙂 This country, the United States of America, was founded by immigrants fleeing from the immoral and unlawful dominion of tyrants. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and all that. However, that liberty and happiness exists because we are a country of laws, government, and democracy.

This country was founded by people who had the stones to do what needed doing. So what happened? Have we been castrated? Because from where I’m standing, the US Government appears to be composed of spineless cowards who cater to the every whim of the vocal minority. I see no democracy here.

According to the principles of democracy, the majority makes the decisions, and they do so (hopefully) with the best interest of the majority in mind. At least, that is the way it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, our democratic system appears to be failing. Case in point: illegal immigration.

The news is currently filled with stories about Arizona’s new immigration laws…and most of what I’ve seen has been protesters whining about how such laws would be discriminatory, racial profiling, blah blah blah. Bullshit. I’d bet those protesters are either illegal immigrants themselves, or have family and/or friends who are, and should therefore have no voice.

Statistically speaking, there are an estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Studies have shown that 57% of those illegal immigrants are Mexican, and another 24% hail from other Latin American countries. That means that 81% of illegal immigrants in the US are Hispanic in origin. With roughly 16 million illegal Hispanic immigrants in the US, with the majority of those found in Western states, perhaps some profiling in Arizona (and elsewhere) would be justified 🙂 Hell yes to asking for proof of citizenship to rent, when stopped by an officer, when applying or a job, etc!

A law that is not enforced is no law at all. While there are some who say that illegal immigration is a victimless crime, that is far from true. A common practice among illegal immigrants is to cross over into the US while pregnant, so that their child can be born here (and thus automatically gain US citizenship). The hospital costs are paid for by us, tax payers, as are the welfare and medicare benefits that often accompany such events. With a child as a US citizen, the illegal immigrants are less likely to be deported. In essence, we are being taken advantage of, and it is reflected in the state of our economy.

Even worse, many illegal immigrants send a part (sometimes a large part) of their paychecks back to family outside of the country. Not only are jobs that US citizens should have lost to illegal immigrants, but money from those jobs is leaving the country, causing a further negative impact on our economy. In some instances that money is even used to bring more illegal immigrants into the country, which means employers who hire illegals may well be funding crime (which means their business assets could be seized, if it can be proven).

Our laws exist for a reason, and anyone who decides to begin their stay in our country by violating those laws should be thrown out of our country unceremoniously. No child born in this country should be granted citizenship unless both parents are either US citizens or have previously started the process of becoming US citizens. To do otherwise is just begging to be taken advantage of, as is amply evident.

I love the freedoms I enjoy as a US citizen, and those are freedoms I will gladly fight for. I understand the desire to provide a better life for yourself and your family, but to do so by violating laws, and at the expense of others, is truly, deeply wrong.

Personally, I am unwilling to reward criminals with my hard-earned money, which is what the US Government does every time they allow illegal immigrants to remain in our country, pay for their health care, or anything else other than swift deportation. Taxes should be used for citizens, not illegals.

So I say this: To hell with the vocal minority! This is a democratic country, the majority is in charge, and we should bloody well start behaving accordingly. If I learn of any illegal immigrants in my area, I will be reporting them to the INS. Come here legally or stay the hell out.