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Facebook and Google and Privacy, Oh My!

So I woke up this morning, skimmed over Twitter, and saw that, supposedly, Facebook paid to initiate a Google bashing campaign…WTF? Not too bright there Facebook. But it got me to thinking about another thing that Google and Facebook have in common…privacy issues.

And that just pisses me off.

No, the privacy issues themselves don’t piss me off 🙂 I’m perfectly capable of monitoring and enforcing my own privacy standards, thank you very much.

It’s the fact that anyone cares, or thinks they even have a right to care, about how Google and Facebook treat their “private” information. That pisses me off.

You see, if you voluntarily elect to put your “private” information online, and don’t use your brain and limit what information is available to whom, then guess what…it isn’t freaking private now is it!

I mean, hell, if you don’t want everyone to know something, then don’t bloody put it online in the first place! You don’t want mom to see those pictures of you drunk? Don’t put them online. You don’t want employers finding out about your various fetishes? Then don’t put it online. Don’t want your girlfriend to know what you bought her for her birthday? Don’t put it online!

On top of that, where the hell do people get off thinking they have some “right to privacy” on a service that they get to use for free? FREE! If you aren’t paying for something, then you don’t have ANY right to complain or offer input about what that service does or does not do, beyond what they say they will or won’t do. Privacy policies and EULAs exist for a reason folks, and if you don’t bother to read them and it bites you in the ass, guess whose fault that is? Yup, yours.

If you don’t like the way a FREE service works, stop bitching and moaning and go use another service.

If it’s free, be grateful that it’s free, and use an ounce of common sense regarding what you put online. It’s as simple as that.

The privacy controls are there, for those with an IQ higher than a mouse, to go in and specify what is and is not available to whom and in what way. The privacy controls are excellent. So take the time to use them, and even if the privacy controls happen to suck, just live by the adage “If you don’t want everyone to know, don’t bloody put it online. Period.”

Royal Wedding William Kate Blah Blah Blah

So, from what I’ve heard, roughly 1/3 of the population of Earth watched the royal wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

So…who cares? I didn’t watch it. I tried really hard to avoid even reading about it. Why? Because it means absolutely nothing to me, and quite frankly shouldn’t mean anything to anyone else either. Seriously, the entire concept of royalty and monarchies should have died out centuries ago.

Heck, I’m a descendant of Scottish royalty, but most people have some royalty in the lineage, so who gives a crap?

Then you have the issue of cost. Aside from the direct cost in the tens of millions of dollars, economists are estimating that the loss of productivity will cost the British economy roughly 1/4th of 1 percent in GDP growth. It may sound small, but that equates to roughly $5 billion dollars. What an incredible waste!

Alas, thanks to Disney and their efforts at the early childhood brainwashing of little girls into believing that a prince will someday marry them, as well as corporate greed and media whoredom, every woman and media outlet on earth appears to be obsessed with the royal wedding. Gag me.

Sure, sure, it’s romantic and all, but this Disney-itis commoner becomes royalty obsession is not a psychologically healthy thing. It’s tantamount to “grass is greener” disease, constantly being dissatisfied because “Prince Charming” has yet to magically appear and sweep you off your feet into a magic castle in Never Never Land.

Seriously folks, Prince Charming isn’t out there waiting for you. Prince Charming, or Prince Charmification, is a process, not a starting point. It is who your boyfriend or husband or significant other will become if you love them, treat them well, and actually SEE them as the Prince Charming can and will be.

So seriously, enough obsessing about royal weddings. Move along now, move along. Nothing to see here.

Ground Zero Mosque – Islam – Etc

OK, this will be short, not very sweet and to the point. Why the hell are people bitching and moaning about a mosque being built “too near” to Ground Zero? Oh, wait, that’s right, they are whining about it because they are ____________(insert derogatory comment here.)

That’s correct. If you have an issue with a mosque being built at Ground Zero, you are at the very least ignorant, and quite possibly a complete and total moron.

Islam is, for the most part, one of the most peaceful religions on the planet. More death, suffering and terrorism have been perpetrated in the name of Christianity than have ever occurred in the name of Islam. It comes as no surprise that Western culture has an issue with Islam, since we have become so incredibly corrupt as a society. The majority of the US claims to be Christian, yet lives and treats others as heathens. Hmmmm…moving on.

The World Trade Center wasn’t attacked my Islam, but by Islamic extremists. In almost all instances, good is good only in moderation. Taking a good thing to an extreme can turn that good thing evil, or at least have an evil effect. So it is with Islam. Islam, overall, is a good thing. Extremists twist beliefs to suit their evil purposes, leveraging programming and brainwashing techniques to recruit weak-minded idiots to their cause.

The majority of Islamic people are peaceful, while a small, extreme minority support the lesser Jihad, or warfare against perceived threats to the beliefs of Islam. Majority good, small minority bad…got it?

Personally, I’m Christian, and I believe strongly in Freedom of Religion, and anyone who thinks there shouldn’t be a mosque near ground zero most certainly doesn’t support that freedom, and has strayed far from the precepts of Christianity and the values of charity and tolerance.

The people who died in the towers represented a variety of religions, Islam included, and they deserve to be represented just as much as any Christian, Hindi, Buddhist, Atheist, Sikh, etc.

So, to the whining morons out there…stop being weak-minded sheep who follow wherever biased bigots and rabble-rousing media lead you! Study the issue and try supporting an intelligent cause for a change 🙂