Why Some Movie Studios Are Destined To Fail

I love movies. Seriously, I love them, and I’ve probably seen way too many of them. But, as I’ve been watching movies over the last few years I’ve noticed a few things that are really starting to piss me off.

These are the 3 things that movie studios are doing that piss me off the most:

  1. Forcing me to watch the previews, and disabling skip forward and disc menu buttons. While this has been going on for a while, studios are doing more and more to lock down the discs so you HAVE to watch as they peddle their other shit.
  2. Sending discs to Netflix and Redbox that only have the main movie, with no extended version or extra features. Rental copies. Even though they are still listed in the menu, when you click it’s just a stupid sales pitch (this is a rental disc, and to see this feature please go waste $25 for something you might watch once or twice a year.)
  3. Stuffing incredible amounts of horribly blatant product placement into every bloody frame of the movie. Car makers (Chevy, Ford, Acura), drink manufacturers and Dell seem to be the most commonly stuffed products.

As much as I love movies, I absolutely hate the way movie studios treat consumers. Paying to watch a movie doesn’t bring with it my consent to be forced to watch stupid previews or to be distracted constantly with product placement.

If I want to skip the previews at home, that should bloody well be my right to do so. I watch movies as an escape, and product placement clumsily placed into a movie destroys that escape instantly and thoroughly.

And why, why, why bother limiting the amount of movie content on a rental disc? If I’m renting it, what makes you think I have any desire to buy it? I see most movies in the theater. If it is good enough that I think I’ll want to watch it more than twice a year, I buy it. If not, then I rent it, and no amount of content limiting will persuade me to do otherwise.

With the shit consumers are forced to put up with NO WONDER piracy abounds. Pirated movies have no previews, or allow you to skip them. All the content is available, none of this “rental disk” shit.

A movie studio without consumers is nothing. Any movie studio that doesn’t get that, or that thinks consumers will just put up with their lame ass tactics forever is sorely mistaken, and is destined to fail. Good riddance.

I’ll pay to be entertained, but not to be taken advantage of.

3 thoughts on “Why Some Movie Studios Are Destined To Fail”

  1. Product placement, done subtly, can add a sense of realism to a movie which I appreciate. Provided we’re not viewing the ass end of a truck with Ford stamped on it and panning around to see the extra features and just how shiny that paint job can look.

      1. True. Rather have a movie with several products being well-placed?

        There are lots of movies these days which have products and places that are recognizable, but film at an angle or obscure the name. I’d thought that in things like that, all distinctive features had to be eliminated. With things like that then, does that mean that the company would have a monopoly on the design rather than say, a copyright?

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