Vibram Five Finger Shoes – A Love Hate Relationship

About a year ago I saw a video of a traveling entrepreneur wearing the strangest pair of shoes I had ever seen. They were like toe socks…but they were shoes. I knew immediately that I had to own a pair 🙂

So, skip forward a few months. Early this year, I found a local store that sold Vibram Five Finger shoes, the funky ass shoes that I had seen in that video. They were as cool looking in real life as they were in he video, so I tried them on…and they were the most comfortable shoes I had ever tried on!

Then I saw the price…$85 for a pair of shoes that couldn’t possibly have cost more than $5 to manufacture. Damn.

Well, I liked them, and they were comfortable, so I figured what the hell and forked over the moolah 🙂

And I LOVED MY SHOES. Seriously, the more I wore them, the more I loved them. I’ll say it again, Vibram’s are the most comfortable shoes on the planet, an absolute joy to wear…but little did I know that Vibrams have a dark side.

Though the box touts an “anti-microbial” microfiber material, that sure didn’t last long. After a week of wearing these off and on, I started smelling something…funky.

Well, as it turns out, the “Vibram Funk” is a common problem with these shoes, complained about far and wide online. Apparently I should have done some more research.

I washed and dried them according to the manufacturer instructions…to no avail. They stank just as bad 2 days later. I tried soaking them in vinegar for a day, then rinsing them and hanging them to dry. That worked…for about a week.

I bought a pair of toe socks to wear with my five finger shoes, did the vinegar thing again…and that cut it back to about 2 weeks before, once again, my shoes smelled like ape vomit.

Anywho, skip forward a few months. I had to wash these things all the time, and tried all kinds of sprays and treatments, all to no avail.

When my wife and I packed everything to move up to Seattle, I put the Vibrams in a plastic bag, so they wouldn’t make everything else smell like cack. But, and here is the grand finale to my stinky ass story…

When we opened the bag up here, the shoes were…alive. Growing. They were covered with freaking MOLD!

And that was the last straw. I threw them in the trash, and despite the fact that they were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, I will never, NEVER buy another pair, and I highly recommend that you don’t either.

Seriously, Google “Vibram Funk”…or just see for yourself:


3 thoughts on “Vibram Five Finger Shoes – A Love Hate Relationship”

  1. Bummer about the shoes. I was thinking about buying a pair for running, but I can’t spend all that time cleaning them and I definitely can’t afford to throw out $85 shoes if they were to mold.

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