Klout is Digital Dick Measuring for the Vain and Insecure

In the world of social media, there is an ever-growing problem, a plague on the heart and soul of social. To some, it’s an obsession, and to others a vile addiction.

Just what is this plague, this toxic problem? Why, Digital Dick Measuring, of course 🙂

From Klout and PeerIndex to Empire Avenue and beyond, more and more social users are off on a race to see who can collect the most friends/followers, the most “influence” for their chosen topics, and who can connect with the most “important” people.

“Oh, look at me, my Klout score is higher than Britney Spears! Oh man, check it out, me and Ashton have the same Klout score!”

Blah blah blah.

Pretty much daily I see someone on Twitter begging for a +K for this or that topic, often something totally ridiculous like #Dork or #Nerd. Seriously, can it get much more infantile? Next thing you know they’ll be buying big lifted trucks with giant wheels, further attempting to compensate for some “small” insecurity (or perhaps for some latent homosexuality).

Honestly, as I see it, sites like Klout are pretty much worthless, the domain of the insecure and the vain. I’ve looked, I’ve gagged, and I certainly won’t be using any of them, now or ever.

If you are a guru or thought leader on a topic, I can pretty much guarantee that people will know who you are…without checking Klout. But alas, the vain and the insecure will always exist and will always want a way to toot their own horns, so sadly I doubt Klout or any of its counterparts will be going anywhere any time soon 🙁

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