MealDrop – Feeding Your Cravings Wherever You May Be

A few months ago I was attending a meeting at Brigham Young University for web start-ups and I met the CEO and co-founder of MealDrop, Michael Zaro. We got to talking, and me being a foodie I loved the concept and offered to help out if I could.

So, simply put, MealDrop is a company that works with local restaurants to arrange food deliveries to certain nearby locations at certain times of day. Initially started by college students for college students, it set out to satisfy food cravings while eliminating the time waste associated with food runs.

Let me give you an example. At BYU you have a fairly sprawling campus, and while there are a few eateries on-campus, there are very very few restaurants located nearby. Since a number of students are limited on time and mobility, whatever are they to do if they want food from somewhere that isn’t on campus?

Enter MealDrop.

Through the MealDrop website, that student can get online, pick the restaurant they want their food from, select from one of the prearranged drop locations, and the delivery time that is closest to when they want their food. That’s it, food delivered, and to certain locations there isn’t even a delivery charge.

The benefit to the student is obvious, since it eliminates travel time and allows them to get the food they want on their schedule. The benefit to the restaurants is that they can leverage these group buying/delivery scenarios to cut down on the number of deliveries they have to make, making deliveries much more cost effective.

And while MealDrop may have started on college campuses, they are now expanding! Seattle is the next city they are moving to, and then from there…the sky is the limit. Arranging group deliveries to large office buildings, or other centralized locales, expanding the number of restaurants covered…there are so many amazing avenues that MealDrop could travel down.

If you are in a college or city and you think MealDrop would be an excellent fit, or if you have any other ideas or suggestions for MealDrop, please send an email to

Their website is and you can follow them on Twitter at @MealDrop

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