Douchebaggery at Sammy’s Cafe in Provo – I Won’t Be Back

So, I know you’re not supposed to blog when angry, but I don’t think I care at the moment 🙂

Yesterday, Groupon ran a deal for Sammy’s Cafe in Provo UT, $7 for $15 worth of food. Good deal, right? Apparently not.

My wife and I went today for lunch, and had an absolutely terrible experience. For starters, their fryer was broken, which sucked. When I asked what they were doing then for the lunch combo meal which included fries, I got a shrug. I finally got a “let me ask my manager”, followed by well, we can do a burger and shake instead. Not bad, I thought, so I ordered 2 lunch combos and handed over my Groupon.

What did I get? “Oh, I’m sorry, we can’t accept the Groupon for the lunch combo. WTF? That wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the Groupon, or on the page where I purchased the Groupon. The lunch combo thing is a regular offering, available every day from 11-3 (or 11-2??). I hardly think a freaking McDonald’s style combo meal (burger, fries, drink) qualifies as some special deal and thus a Groupon exclusion.

So, my wife and I just ordered something else. And what happened? I spent the afternoon sick 🙁 Puking and crapping up a storm, starting about an hour after having my lunch at Sammy’s.

I tweeted about the bad Groupon experience, and what was the response from Sammy’s? Passive aggressive much:

Douchebaggery Tweet from Sammy's Cafe in Provo UT

In all fairness, they also sent a tweet offering free fries since the fryer was broken, but it was sandwiched between two passive-aggressive tweets, so it sure didn’t feel like good customer service to me.

Groupon requires that any exceptions be specified by the company before running the deal, and are to be included in the details on the deal page. No such exclusion was present, thus they were legally required to accept the Groupon for what I wanted to order.

Well, I’ve filed a formal complaint with Groupon, which could lead to everyone who bought one being given the option to get a refund.

This isn’t the first crappy customer service experience I’ve had at Sammy’s Cafe, but it will damn sure be the last. I’ve been here dozens and dozens of times over the last 2, almost 3 years since they’ve opened, with cash spent here totaling at least $1,000. I’ve written multiple glowing blog posts, Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews, etc. I’ve sent dozens of friends, co-workers, relatives and even strangers here for food.

Well, no matter how tasty the food is, enough bad customer service is enough. I won’t be back, EVER, and I highly advize you don’t go either.

If you want an awesome burger and fries, and WAY better customer service, Tommy’s Burger is right around the corner at 405 West 100 North. Map below:


See, what did I say, passive aggressive. This just in from @sammyscafe:

And they keep on coming!!!

Would anyone seriously want to do business with a place and an owner who treats customers like this??

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  1. yeah, +1 to what Wes said. Their servers are actually working about 10% of the time. I can’t stand watching 3 of 5 employees looking at their phones while I wait 45 minutes for a milkshake.

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