Ekamai Thai Curry in Salt Lake City Utah

If you love Thai food, especially curry, then you will absolutely ADORE Ekamai Thai Curry in SLC Utah. Seriously, this place has THE BEST Thai food that I’ve ever tasted, hands down, and I’ve eaten at dozens of Thai place in Utah and elsewhere.

Oddly enough, I discovered it entirely by accident. My wife and I were heading to Caputo’s Market, and my wife says “Is that a Thai food place?”, pointing to this tiny shop a couple stores west of Caputo’s. Sure enough, it was Ekamai Thai, and a sign said come in for free samples. Never one to say no to free food, we popped in to give it a taste…

And we were blown away! Up until now, the best Thai food I’d had was at Thai Village in American Fork, but this was literally worlds better. We tasted Mussamun Curry Beef (curry paste with coconut milk, potato, carrot, onion and peanut), Yellow Curry Chicken (curry paste with coconut milk, potato, carrot and onion), Tom Kha Chicken (coconut chicken soup with lemongrass, galangal, lime leaf, mushroom, tomato and roasted chillis), and Pad Ginger Chicken (stir fried chicken with fresh ginger, onion, green onion and mushroom).

The Mussamun Curry Beef and the Pad Ginger Chicken were my favorites, but everything was very good. Nothing was too spicy, and everything was incredibly rich and flavorful. These were easily the best Thai curry dishes I’ve ever tasted. We also tasted both the brown and the white rice, and the brown rice was unique and truly delicious.

Best of all, everything was super affordable. A 1 item dish with rice is only $4.99, while a 2 item combo plate with rice and egg roll is only $7.99. Far cheaper than most Utah Thai restaurants I’ve been to, and much better. Ekamai is a true foodie’s delight, and a pleasure for a gastronome like myself 🙂

You can view some awesome photos here: Ekamai Thai Photos at UrbanSpoon

The shop is small and space is limited, but it is absolutely worth the trip. They make only a limited variety of dishes each day, and you can view their daily menu here: Ekamai Thai Curry Menu

They are located at 336 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, just to the west of Caputo’s. You can reach them by phone at 801-363-2717. The website is EkamaiThai.com

Directions are here:


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