Z Pizzeria Cafe in Salt Lake City Utah

I love pizza. Seriously, more than words can express, I LOVE PIZZA. And, to my great astonishment and gastronomic delight, Utah has a plethora of awesome pizza places…Pizzeria 712, Slab Pizza, Terra Mia, Settebello. And more keep coming!

Well folks, there is yet another fantastic pizza place that deserves to join that list: Z Pizzeria Cafe in Salt Lake City UT. To be totally fair, I’d put them between Slab Pizza and Terra Mia in terms of awesomeness…but I get ahead of myself.

Perhaps a bit of back story. My wife is a Utah artist, and a few months ago I saw a tweet from @zpizzeriacafe looking for local artists that would like to display their art at Z Pizzeria. So my wife got in touch with the owner, and was able to get some of her paintings displayed in their store.

Now, as much as I love food, and though there are numerous awesome eateries in SLC, my wife and I rarely make it up there, so we had never before tried Z Pizzeria’s pizza. So we did, and we were absolutely thrilled! (full disclosure, the pizza was free to us for providing the artwork (thank you Zach and Miranda!).

A Pizza at Z Pizzeria Cafe in Salt Lake City UT

As we often do, we decided to build our own. We went with a 12″, thick white crust, red sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham and mushrooms ($12.99)…and it was stunning. They make their own sauce and dough here, and only from fresh local ingredients (sauce and dough are also Vegan).

The crust was phenomenal, the sauce was perfect…we finished the whole thing 🙂 I can say without hesitation that we will be back as often as possible…it was that good! Check out their menu: Z Pizzeria Menu. They also do a lunch buffet, which I hear is pretty popular.

They are located at 1588 East Stratford Avenue (2580 S.), Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106. Their phone number is 801-484-9792. They are open Monday-Friday from 10am-9pm, Saturday from 8am-9pm, and Sunday from 8am-8pm. You can learn more at the Z Pizzeria website: Z Pizzeria SLC UT

Directions are here:


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