Pounders Hawaiian Island Grill in Utah – Best Polynesian Food EVER

So let me just start with a declaration: I LOVE Polynesian Food 🙂 I had the privilege to attend the wedding of Anton Palepoi’s sister (Anton Palepoi played in the NFL for the Seahawks, the Broncos and the Cardinals). This was my first introduction to a true Polynesian wedding feast, and holy crap was there a mountain of amazing food!!!

So, having fallen in love with Poly food, I can now say without hesitation that the best I’ve found in the great state of Utah is Pounders Hawaiian Island Grill, or Pounders Grill for short.

Pounders Grill Kalua PorkI’ve tasted every meat on the menu, and my favorites are the Kalua Pork and the Pounders Chicken. Dishes come with generous helpings of sticky rice, and your choice of macaroni salad or green salad. The best bang for your buck is probably the Pounders Plate ($6.99), which comes with 2 meats, 2 scoops of rice, and 1 serving of salad. I’m a big guy, and that’s enough to satisfy me without leaving me totally stuffed.

If you would prefer to waddle home, go for the Kahuna Plate ($8.49), which has 3 servings of meat 🙂 While the Pounders Chicken and the Kalua Pork are my favorite, the Teriyaki Chicken and the Chicken Katsu are close seconds…man, this is making my mouth water!

Pounders Grill Kalibi BeefThey currently have locations in Logan and Midvale, and will be opening a new location in Provo VERY soon. The owner, Sterling, is an awesome guy, and I guarantee they will always treat you like family.

Pounders is super active on Twitter @poundersgrill, on Facebook @ Pounders Grill, and on Foursquare. They even offer a deal to the Foursquare mayor! You can view their locations, hours and menu at their website: Pounders Hawaiian Island Grill.

Seriously, this place is absolutely amazing! It’s so good that I’m going back today to use my second Groupon (they ran a Groupon deal for $15 worth of food for $7, and I guess it was the 3rd most successful restaurant Groupon ever!)

Pounders Grill Chicken Katsu

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