La Jolla Groves in Provo UT

As some may know (and many may not), The Shops at Riverwoods is under new ownership, and is undergoing extensive remodeling. Some businesses have left, but it has opened the door for a variety of new businesses to come in.

One such business I’m quite excited for is La Jolla Groves (pronounced La Hoya), the newest Riverwoods restaurant.

La Jolla Groves Provo Utah Restaurant

They’ve been open for a week now, and while I’ve not yet eaten there myself, I’ve heard good things. However, this isn’t just any old restaurant. The owners, Blake Roney, Steve Hasler and Kent Anderson (the chef here, and also the owner of Chef’s Table in Orem), are bringing Provo its very own year-round farmer’s market!

You see, La Jolla Groves is dedicated to serving local food that is fresh, natural and healthy. In addition to serving such fare in the restaurant itself, they are building out a small farmer’s market attached to the restaurant that will sell such things as local cheeses, breads, meats and more.

I love local food, and if they serve anything from Beehive Cheese Co. or Creminelli, you can count me in 🙂  I hear that entrees run from $7 to $20, and the menu is pretty dang impressive. La Jolla Groves is now at the top of my list for new restaurants to visit!

UPDATE: So, review time 🙂 (Click the menu for a larger view)

La Jolla Groves Riverwoods Provo Menu

My wife and I went yesterday for lunch (lunch and dinner menus are the same), and it was absolutely amazing. Everything tasted fresh, crisp and flavorful. They start you off with your pick from a bread basket, with 4 different kinds of rolls. My favorites rolls were the sun-dried tomato and the potato.

We decided not to do an appetizer this time, though I must say their soups sounded fantastic! For entrees, my wife got the Philadelphia Steak Sandwich with Salad ($8), and I went with the Mushroom Ravioli in Yellow Tomato Cream with Garden Vegetables ($10). Both were absolutely stunning, and you could literally taste just how fresh the food was.

I’d have taken pictures of the entrees, but it looked and smelled so good we were half-way through by the time I realized that I had forgotten to take pictures!

Alas, after this phenomenal meal we were too full for dessert, but the menu looked so good that we’ve decided to go back for a dessert night and try 2 or 3 at once 🙂 I’m really interested in the Orange Creme Brulee ($5), though the Lemon Tiramisu ($6) is a close second!

La Jolla Groves Provo Dessert Menu

Update #2 – So my wife and I went back to taste a few of their desserts, and oh my gosh they were to die for! We had the Orange Creme Brulee ($5), and the Lemon Tiramisu ($6), and both were absolutely stunning. The layers and layers of complementary flavors in the Tiramisu were perfect, with nothing coming across as too strong. And the Orange Creme Brulee was perfectly cooked, delicious with just an undercurrent of orange coming through. Just lovely.

La Jolla Groves Desserts - The Orange Creme Brulee, and the Lemon Tiramisu

Both my wife and I absolutely loved the food, and we will certainly be back soon. La Jolla Groves is located in The Shops at Riverwoods, 4801 North University Ave., Suite 610, Provo UT, 84604 (by the roundabout, just across from Tucanos). Their hours are Monday-Saturday from 11am to 9pm. For more info and/or reservations, call 801-224-5111.


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