TwiTards – What’s With All The Twilight Retards?

Don’t get me wrong, the Twilight books were awesome. My wife and I loved reading them, and I even blogged about it: The Twilight of Our Lives 🙂 That said, I just don’t get the insane, extremely unhealthy obsession that so many people seem to have with these books and movies.

I mean, I understand it technically: what girl (or woman, or guy, etc) wouldn’t want two virtually perfect people fighting for their potentially everlasting love? (And yes, I realize that there are more layers to it than that, but that effectively sums it up.) Dreams coming true for an average someone with low self-esteem and/or a crappy (or non-existent, or less than perfect) love life and all that.

Great, nothing wrong with being a hopeless ( or hopeful?) romantic…

But there IS something wrong with taking it to extremes, as many a TwiTard seems to be doing.

I mean, seriously, camping out for days to get tickets, wearing nothing but Twilight apparel, pilgrimages to Forks and Volterra, Italy, naming your children after characters in the books, obsessive stalking of the actors (not to mention obsessing over someone as fugly as Robert Pattinson), calling your lover Edward or Jacob or Bella in the sack (I’m sure it happens)…Sad, sad, sad.

The books are books, the movies are movies…entertainment, FAKE.

Face it, no rich, attractive vampire or werewolf is going to suddenly appear and fall in love with you, so sorry…and that’s OK. You’ll simply have to be content with mere mortals 🙂

Again, the books and movies are great for what they are, entertainment. I’m sure I’ll read them again, and my wife and I intend to see Eclipse sometime in the near future. Nothing wrong with that…

But seriously, trying to live vicariously through fantasy isn’t terribly healthy.

6 thoughts on “TwiTards – What’s With All The Twilight Retards?”

  1. I agree with everything. People need to realize that yes its entertaining, but its not a life changing event. No matter how many time you watch or fantasize about Edward or Jacob he isn’t going to come through the door. So stop thinking they will.

  2. Dude. I just read your twitter feed… you thought Airbender didn’t suck? Are you crazy?! Did you even see the series???? This movies sucked ass. A LOT of ass. I hated it. Read any reviews? Everyone hates it. It’s NOTHING like the show. M. Night RUINED it.

  3. That makes sense. Lemme just say… if you were a fan of the tv show, you’d have hated the movie. I can forgive you on this because you never saw the show. haha

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