Trafalga in Orem – Awesome Fun for the Family

Did you know that Provo UT was rated as the most boring city in the US? You might think that Orem wouldn’t be much better…but you’d be wrong 🙂 If you are looking for an awesome place for family, friends or even a date to have a blast, there is no better place than Trafalga Fun Center in Orem.

Trafalga has been around for years, but my oh my has it changed! The whole place has had a makeover, and I have to say it is the best place of its kind I’ve been to. From mini golf to go karts, batting cages to arcade games, Trafalga has it all. Where to begin…

Well, the go karts were a blast. The track is a bit small, but the carts felt fast and handled well. I lapped my wife like 8 times 🙂 They have both single and dual seat karts, so you can race your buddies head to head or sit side by side if you happen to be on a date. It costs $5 for 5 minutes for a driver, and $2.50 for a passenger.

The batting cage is awesome, although I’ve learned that my hand-eye coordination is much better playing video games than it is in real life. Alas, my wife is a better batter than I 🙂 50 pitches is only $3.75, which is a killer deal.

I’ve always loved mini golf, despite being terrible at it, and this was no exception. However, unlike most traditional fun centers, Trafalga has an incredible indoor black light mini golf course. 18 holes of awesome mini golf in one of the coolest indoor environments I’ve seen. They have an outdoor course as well. The price is $6.50 for adults, and $5 for seniors and kids 4-11.

In addition to a ton up awesome arcade games, Trafalga had something I’d never seen before: an XD Theater 4D Motion Ride. This thing was literally just like riding a roller coaster. You sit in an animatronic seat, wearing 3D glasses, and virtually ride a ride. There is even light and wind to simulate the environment, and I thought it was an excellent approximation of a roller coaster 🙂 Cost? $7 each.

Best of all, Trafalga offers a ton of packages and deals. Packages for dates, packages for families…you name it, they’ve got a deal for it. Best of all, there is $3 Thursdays! Each ride and attraction costs only $3 per person, from 10am to midnight. Trust me, it’s an awesome deal.

However, if you really want to experience all that the Trafalga Fun Center has to offer, I highly recommend the Ludicrous pass. For $20 per person you get unlimited access to all rides and attractions (go karts, batting cage, mini golf indoor and out, and the XD theater), plus 25 tokens and a dippin dots. Way more fun than an IMAX movie, for about the same price.

Seriously, if you live in Utah Valley and you are bored to death, head out to Trafalga and have a blast! They are located at 168 South 1200 West, Orem UT, 84058. They are open Monday-Thursday from 10am to midnight, and Friday and Saturday from 10am to 1 am. Cal 801-224-6000 or visit if you have any questions. (If you live in or near Lehi, Trafalga Lehi is opening this weekend where Liberty Land used to be.)

Check out this video to see what all Trafalga in Orem has to offer:


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