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I love pizza, and I’ve eaten at just about every pizza joint in the state. In fact, I’ve eaten at some of the best pizza places in the country, and up until now I’ve found only 3 places that I absolutely love, and 2 of them are in Wisconsin. The only pizza place in Utah that I would have said that I loved is Pizzeria 712, and I’ll say without hesitation that they’ve now got some serious competition from a tasty new place called Slab Pizza, my new favorite pizza joint.

Slab Pizza Menu
Slab Pizza Menu

As the name says, a “slice” of pizza here is a SLAB, and man does it deserve its name. The size of their slices puts Sbarro to shame, and that’s saying something 🙂

Pizza here comes in one size only, really freaking big (20″ pies). A slab is 1/4th of the pizza, and it is easily enough to fill one hungry dude. In addition to your standard flavors like cheese, pepperoni and Hawaiian, you have some more exotic options like Rosemary Potato and Bacon, Fennel Sausage and Chevre, Chili Verde, or even Pulled Pork (and of course you can always just build your own).

A Sampling of Pizzas at Slab Pizza in Provo UT
Slab Pizzas (Courtesy of

I’m the adventurous sort, so I went with a slice SLAB of the Fennel Sausage and Chevre ($5.75). This thing was bigger than my head, and was absolutely incredible. The flavor and texture of both the cheese and the sausage was awesome, and this was easily the best pizza crust I’ve ever had. The pasta sauce is house-made, just the slightest bit sweet, and really brought all the flavors together. My wife built her own slice SLAB, with just Ham and Mushrooms. It was also fantastic, and big enough that I helped her to finish it (which is always fine by me 🙂 ).

Also, this place is on the cutting edge. They’re on Foursquare (I will be the mayor, rest assured 🙂 ), and on Twitter and Facebook as well. If you follow them on Twitter @slabpizza, they give away a free 20″ pizza to one random Twitter follower each day, which is totally awesome! My buddy Dan won the free pizza yesterday, which is actually how I ended up eating here. Also, they have another awesome giveaway for their Facebook fans once per week…you’ll have to check it out to see what it is: Slab Pizza on Facebook

The atmosphere is cozy, and there is room both inside and out. Everything is super fresh, and the people there are great. Thanks so much to Andy Gartz and Eric Beutler for creating such an incredible pizza place, and I look forward to returning often! You can see the current menu, prices, hours and directions at their website,, aka Best Pizza in Provo UT.

Please folks, do me a personal favor and keep this place busy and in business! Their pizza really is amazing, and they are doing fantastic business so far, but I want everyone who reads this to go give it a try…if you aren’t hooked after one taste, then you have no taste buds 🙁

They are located at 669 East 800 North, Provo, UT, east of the BYU duck ponds, just barely southwest of JDawgs. You can reach them by phone at 801-377-3883.

Directions are below:


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    Eric Beutler is my name on Facebook. I’d like to tag you on the SLABpizza Facebook page if that’s okay with you.

    Thanks for the great review! Really appreciate it and enjoyed serving you and your wife the other evening.

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