Iron Man 2 Review – Not as Good as Iron Man

The first Iron Man movie was incredible, and goes on my list as one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. Unfortunately, Iron Man 2 doesn’t get to join that list. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good movie, but it was a bit disappointing as a sequel.

Robert Downey, Jr. is an incredible actor, and in all honesty he is why the first Iron Man was so amazing. He plays the part of Tony Stark to perfection, and if it weren’t for him I would say that Iron Man 2 was terrible, despite the amazing effects.

Alas, Robert apparently doesn’t have a lot of control when it comes to the script, because in many instances the dialogue in Iron Man 2 felt like a sad attempt to duplicate what came naturally in the first movie. The sarcasm, innuendo, and playful banter just felt so scripted.

I was also sad to see that one of the funniest parts of the Iron Man 2 trailer, the scene where Pepper kisses his helmet and tosses it out of the plane, and Tony says “You complete me” and jumps out after the helmet, was cut from the film! What the hell?

Then we have the fact that they somehow couldn’t get Terrence Howard back to play Rhodey, and had to replace him with Don Cheadle? Cheadle is a terrible actor, and the chemistry between Stark and Rhodey was the worse for it. His part as War Machine was also quite disappointing 🙁

The story was also a bit thin, and the first half of the movie felt like it just dragged on. Tony Stark is supposed to be a smart ass, but the first half of the movie made him into a jackass. The Ivan Vanko/Whiplash character was lame, and far from a worthy enemy for an Iron Man sequel. Justin Hammer was an annoying pansy, and was also a lame choice for a villain…I kept expecting him to start sucking on his thumb or to cry and throw a tantrum or something…

Why couldn’t they have gotten a cool villain like The Mandarin? Or Edwin Cord and Firepower? Either would have been a much better choice, in my not the least bit humble opinion. Come on Stan Lee, don’t you have any say in these things?

On the upside, the effects were amazing, and I was thoroughly entertained during the second half of the movie. The exotic cars were as sexy as ever, and the technology that Tony used was stunningly cool…but alas, it wasn’t enough to save it for me. I liked it, but it felt like more of a distant sequel than a direct continuation, which is never a good thing for a movie. I would have expected better from Jon Favreau, especially since he was responsible for amazingly awesome first Iron Man movie!

Despite the negatives, I would still recommend seeing it, and I will probably buy it when it comes out on DVD, but all in all I’m still disappointed. Fingers crossed for a better job on #3 🙂

P.S. – Stay until after the credits for a teaser for Thor, the next Marvel film coming out (May 6th, 2011)!


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