Are You Simler?

I attended an awesome LaunchUp event last night at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT, courtesy of Jeremy Hanks and Doba, and I had the opportunity to hear from three exciting startup companies. One of those companies was Simler.

Ryan Goodwin, the creator of Simler, presented at LaunchUp last night. The premise is simple: There is an unfilled gap between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook lets you connect with friends, and Twitter lets you converse with total strangers. However, neither platform allows you to effectively meet and converse with people you don’t already know, about specific topics of interest, without being inundated with spammy Farmville and garbage app requests.

Enter Simler.

Simler allows you to create a profile, specify your specific interests, and then connect with people who share just those interests. Even better, it allows you to create feed filters that show only certain types of conversations, so you don’t have to hear about topics that aren’t of interest. Even better, Simler uses geo-location to show you people within a certain distance of you, so you can do more than just chat online.

I’ve been using Facebook for years, but in the last 12-18 months I’ve started spending MUCH less time there. Why? Because it has become incredibly spammy. I’ve had to filter something like two-thirds of my friends from my main feed, because of the insane amount of spammy app posts, Farmville this, Pillow Fight that. Absolute garbage!

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, but it is definitely not an easy medium to carry on a conversation. Many conversations end up scattered and full of random junk. While there are certainly applications that sort-of bridge the gap, it’s just not the same.

Simler is the answer. It provides the best features of Facebook and Twitter, without any of the garbage. I don’t know if I’m Simler, but I’ll sure find out!

Check out this quick video to learn more:


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