Daylight Donuts – The Best Donuts in Utah

I’ve always been a big fan of pastries, from croissants and kolaches to donuts and baklava. Growing up in Texas, there was no shortage of bakeries and local donut shops, so there were always awesome options. Unfortunately, in Utah, your choice is typically Krispy Kreme (which is way too rich for me), or the closest grocery store (whose donuts usually suck). Well, if you live in Utah Valley, you have another option: Daylight Donuts in Pleasant Grove.

The best donuts I’ve found in Utah are at Daylight Donuts, hands down. They have everything from the standard glazed and donut holes, to fantastic bearclaws filled with creme cheese, bavarian creme, and a whole host of fruit fillings. Cinnamon twists, apple fritters, sprinkles, chocolate, old fashioned…the list goes on and on, and everything is delicious 🙂

In fact, that sounds so good I think I’ll go get some donuts right now!

You can learn more at Daylight Donuts

Directions are here:


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3 thoughts on “Daylight Donuts – The Best Donuts in Utah”

  1. Hey Sam, I love your blog! I just started a restaurant review blog on here and I really like your idea for the restaurant owners to have a blogging dinner. That is genus! I’m wondering if you’ve had any responses about it. Anyway, feel free to check out my blog, I’m an amateur compared to you…but I’m excited to read more from you!

    1. Thanks! No takers yet on the blogger dinners, but I only put it up a couple of days ago, so we’ll see 🙂 I’ll definitely give your blog a read…always happy to hear from a fellow foodie!

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