What Would I Do With $1,000,000?

Good question. What WOULD I do with a million bucks? Well, assuming that it was a million in cash, and that taxes and tithing had already been paid, I think I would use it as follows:

#1 – Buy and Furnish a Home – $500,000 – I want a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, close to nice schools, with enough space to contain the things that would normally take me away from the home (gym, library, theater, office). I’d also want a killer kitchen and master bath, since those are two of my favorite places in the home 🙂

#2 – Pay Off Existing Debts – $56,000 – I would make sure I was never again in debt. EVER. Enough said.

#3 – Buy a Hyundai Genesis 4.6 – $44,000 – This car is incredible. Nicer than a BMW 7 series, in my opinion, and at a fraction of the price. Killer warranty and good resale value too!

#4 – Savings – $200,000 – My goal is to be able to put 20% of my NET into savings, always.

#5 – Living Expenses for the Next 5 Years – $200,000 – $40k/yr. This would allow my wife to stay at home and do the things she loves, and would let me focus on building up a business that can change the world. I really want to do that 🙂

That’s it, a million bucks spent. Now, where can I get a million bucks…

Any uber rich folk out there looking to make a dream come true? I promise, I’ll build a business that will change the world! Ask anyone who knows me, if anyone can do it, I can 🙂

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