The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movie Sucked! Hiss Boo!!!

If you or your children loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, then for goodness’ sake, don’t see this movie! I have seen a lot of great books made into crappy movies over the years, from The Sum of All Fears to Eragon, but this movie, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, was absolutely the word book to movie I’ve ever seen.

Man, where to begin. Rick Riordan did a wonderful job writing the Percy Jackson books. They were well written, enjoyable, with an equal mix of humor and seriousness, lovable characters, and a wonderful twist on classic Greek mythology. I’ve read all 5 books, and I absolutely loved them! Coming from that point of view, having read and loved the books, I’m not sure I can adequately express how angry I am at Chris Columbus for utterly ruining this movie.

Everything was wrong, and I mean everything! Percy wasn’t 12…he looked more like 18 or 20. Instead of a sweet but somewhat awkward kid, they got Logan Lerman, who can’t seem to help but come off as a smart ass punk with a chip on his shoulder. Grover wasn’t anything like Grover in the book. Annabeth was completely wrong…instead of a cute little blonde kid, they got some chunky brunette. She had no invisibility hat, no interest in architecture, and no past or story or connection to a great prophecy or anything.

There was no great prophecy, no Dionysus, no Ares, no Clarisse, no camp cabins, no Hermes, no official quest. Ares didn’t hide the lightning bolt in the backpack he gives to Percy. Poseidon didn’t claim Percy at camp, Charon wasn’t a cool dude in a suit who needed a raise…I can go on and on and on. The movie hardly followed the book at all, other than the barest of the plot lines.

But it was much more than just technical or story issues…the look and feel of the movie was just wrong. Heck, I kept feeling like Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo were about to pop up and re-enact some of the crappier episodes of Xena or Hercules. It was just so…cheesy, almost sitcom-ish.

Also, I understand a studio wanting to make their movies racially diverse, but please, the Greek gods were all white. Nobody has the right to go screwing with history like that just to be politically correct. Super lame.

For the first time in a very long time, I found myself in a movie, and I couldn’t wait for it to end. It really was that bad. My wife, who has also read and loved the books, thought it was horrible as well. The first thing we did when it ended was to get on Twitter and announce how terrible it was.

Seriously folks, if you or your children loved the Percy Jackson book, PLEASE DON”T SEE THIS MOVIE!

Chris Columbus, I used to have respect for you, but not anymore. You screwed up this movie hardcore πŸ™ You know you’ve failed when the trailer for the movie was 10 times better than the movie…

This movie, as of now, has a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, an absolute splat, and it SO deserves worse than that!

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    1. He said “I have seen a lot of great books made into crappy movies over the years, from The Sum of All Fears to Eragon,” so he thought the movie was bad not good..

  1. You liked Eragon? That movie was so bad that I can’t believe your review of this movie. haha

    … reading is key, I have seen a lot of GREAT BOOKS made into crappy movies over the years, from The Sum of All Fears to Eragon, a.k.a good books, made into crappy movies, just like this one!

    I totally agree with all of this, even the harry potter movies miss stuff from the books with I despise to begin with, but this is not anything like the book, did Rick Riordan even consult on the movies like J.K. Rowling did on the harry potter movies?

    Because it seems to me he didn’t have a say in it at all, if he did it’s a fault on him as well because what self-respecting writer lets their books be destroyed like this?

    It’s not just Chris Columbus his fault it’s everyone working on that movies with any say in it, and the people that wrote the screen adaptation of the book should be fired! I mean they basically made a sequel no longer possible, seeing as there is no clarisse (there’s clanabeth though.) to go on the quest in the next book, there is no kronos (which basically is the main story-arch through all the books)

    1. He did. He actually wrote a full letter to say ‘these are not my movies. Don’t make your students watch them.’

  2. YES! I was looking for someone who thought the same as me. I read all the books, i love this series. The only way i think i would have enjoyed this movie is if i had never read a word from the books. the way this movie is set up leaves no room for the four books after. Numerous characters taken out and like you said, no great prophecy, the point of their quest wasn’t even the same if i remember right. I’d Give this movie a 2 out of 5 stars.

  3. omg so true i loved the series now that movie pissed me the hell off and they didnt even introduce all the caractors like clarise or however u spell it and i bet f-ing cris columbus wont introsuce tyson in the next book or is the next one? well watever still it absolutly killed me to watch!!!! it was the first movie i ever walked out on i couldnt handle it omg….. if only!!!!

  4. Yaaaaay!! More people who agree with me!

    Now, I haven’t seen the movie (and I really, really don’t want to) but I’ve read four of the five books and my sister has read them all. We absolutely LOVE the series. We’re both pretty pissed about the movie and what we’ve seen in trailers and read online about the differences and we only want to see it to be able to complain about it more.

    I think our biggest gripe is the main character’s ages, Annabeth’s hair and the missing cast members (Ares, Clarrise, etc.) My sister is really angry that none of the food in the movie was blue and that Percy had an iPod or whatever.

    Also, when I read that Persephone was in the movie, I really flipped. And that Medusa was white.


    It’s sort of like the new “Clash of the Titans” (which I did see.) The movie people took what they wanted from the story (names, mostly) and just did whatever they felt like with it all. There are a lot of people who like the movie, and I ask, “Well, did you read the books?” and they’re all, “No! Why do I need to? I saw the movie!” And I want to punch them.

    Anywho… I think I’ll stop ranting now.

  5. We just rented the movie and I’m watching right now. It freaking sucks. Why the hell even name it ‘Percy Jackson’ if it doesn’t even remotely follow the storyline??? And wtf is with the pearls? This whole movie sucks ass. I loved the books, and I was super excited about the movie. I’m so disappointed! πŸ™ And, what’s with Grover? He’s supposed to be awkward and sweet, instead he’s a smart-ass and is mostly concerned with chasing tail. This movie bites the big ones. And oh look, they made Persephone is a slut and took away Annabeth’s blonde hair and invisibility hat.

    1. Gosh, you’re right! The pearls ruined the whole thing. Man, why did they even have to make the pearls some sort of quest!! It sucked so bad I almost cried! I basically screamed in my pillow!

  6. hey! this guy is so right I completley agree with you eragon was awesome and the percy jackson movie sucked! i never read the book for eragon but the movie was awesome it is mt fav movie I dont know if I should read the book though after what these other guys said. The movie got the characters all wrong except for maybe Mr.Brunner and Percy but annabeth and grover ttly wrong! Annbeths supposed to have blonde hair and not be blonde. And well grover I dont know he just seemed off. im soo glad to have people agree with me πŸ˜€

  7. Percy Jackson and the Olympians the movie was a disgrace. i watched the movie and thought it was awesome! then I read the book. omg! nothing like the movie. i thought maybe i read it wrong or skipped over a part. i watched it again turning it off about one fourth into the movie. it had been a long time since i had seen it during the summer. it’s totally ruined and it made me cry.i thought maybe they’d fire the actors and/or the writers. it is like some rip off of harry potter forged with the name of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and flourished with hot actresses to draw in teenagers. adding gods to make it seem to be along the story line and doing thier best to compete with twilight. forgetting that Percy didn’t know who he was and never won capture the flag. throwing away every personality like an interchangeable colored watch. throwing away the main plot and adding random things like annabeth should be a red head who finds intrest in percy quickly rather than her being a cute curly blond kind of annoyed with percy and shows him around. Or cutting out the gods (who are pretty angry right now) and placing some duffus in to steal the lightning bolt. to hell with it. -hoping they will remake it better than before and cut the actors and storyline. tip- either read the book or see the movie but don’t do both. it gets ya mad……..

    1. the second move the sea of monsters is worse
      I THOUGHT CLARISSE WAS ANNABETH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I completely agree! I saw the movie and quite frankly I loved it! That is, of course, until I read the books.Now I can’t even watch the movie.
    Thank you, movie-world, for ruining yet another amazing book series. You sure are great at it.
    I shiver by the thought of the upcoming movies based on The Mortal Instruments-series, Beastly, The Hunger Games and I Am Number Four. Let the awesome books stay books, don’t go ruining every good book in the world !

  9. The Percy Jackson movie sucked so much.

    NO offense or anything…
    Totally screwed up the books.
    It would have been better if Rick Riordan had NOT sold the rights to that guy.
    Riordan should have directed the movie like in the Hunger Games Movie coming out soon.

    1. I don’t know why Grover was black but I know for SURE that if a character in a book was black, and white in the movie adaptation, there would be a massive uproar. It annoyed me about as much as the black god in that Thor movie. I’d love to see the reaction to making a black god white in a film.

  10. Just saw the movie…after reading all five books and the first book of the new series, my only thought is ow…i mean that was so bad, so painful, I feel like I need to reread the first book just to make sure it had nothing to do with the garbage that just perpetrated my eyes.

  11. I finished the fourth book a couple of days ago and going to read the 5th and final book.

    Like an idiot I watched the movie but b4 I read the first book, (I’m kind of a tard but you know whatever), After reading the first book I was LIKE WOW what did they do, they Butchered the book up and they must of not read or SKIMMED the book and placed it into a movie! Where the hell is Clarrisse and Ares? And Grover (reallie?!?) I mean it was retarded for a movie and they just made everything SUCK, But the Books are fantastical! And If anyone wants to do A REMAKE of this movie and do it Right then I thin we should (The Fans)!

  12. omg you people are idiots, the book was great and so was the movie. the movie cant be the exact same as the book or it will be just like copyright. get some common sense people! god. :/

    1. They sort of MUTILATED the whole book and basically left the “feet” in the movie so it would look like some random superawesome movie, then they pretty much dice it up so it looks like High School Musical!!! (horrible, ’cause they actually even try to stick in gods!)

    2. It’s your opinion (even if I strongly disagree with it). But, the author SELLS the rights to the book to the film company that produces it, so it’s most definitely not copyright infringement.

      The author of the book, rick riordan, has actually stated on multiple occasions (and often on his twitter) that he does NOT like the changes they have made. The real problem is the changes made kind of ruined the series, IMO.

  13. omg i sooooo hate tht movie
    first i saw the movie and i was like, oh ok its not bad… then i read da books…
    there was like bajillion things wrong with the movie!! OMG
    there were no cabins, no orange tshirts, no claiming, Mr D, prophecy, mummy, clarisse, ares, i cant even count

  14. All my friends and I read ALL the book and loved it. When we heard a movie was coming out we got all happy. I was the first one to see the move and OMG I left the movie theater before the middle. I told my friends not to watch it and one of there mom’s got the movie and we all watched it, and damn everyone got so pissed! As soon as I say the part the showed Charon I left the room. I have to say Charon has to be my favorite character and when I saw they messed him up I got even more pissed! It was funny, my friend Sami left the room when she say Hades, looking like she wanted to cry! Why didn’t they just make a T.V show out of it so it wouldn’t be so crappy!?

  15. Thank you! this review covered mostly everything that was wrong with the movie. My friends and I were watching the movie and they all loved it and they didn’t understand why i hated it so much πŸ˜€

  16. Omg thank you! Everything you said is what I thought. And srsly they’re making a sequel to it and that means he’ll be 18 and by the end 21 and that really doesn’t make sense I hated from the second Zeus said it had been many years since the last meeting 2 minutes into it!!! -10000000000 out 5 stars

    1. He miight even be older since movies take long to make…. He even might be 25 until the last book. AND THEN THERE IS THE OTHER SERIES(of the Lost hero) By the end of all the crap movies hell be about 40 ffffffffffffffffffffffffuu—

  17. well… there goes the prophecy right out the door…i bet they won’t even make it to the 3rd. Chris Columbus probably just flipped through some pages, took things from those, and just made up the rest himself DX

  18. this shit will have a sequel!!!!!!!!!!! WTF this crappy movie in 100000000000000 stars deserve 0!! CHRIS COLOMBUS DID A GOOD WORK IN THE HP SERIES (not perfect but good) how did he screwed Percy Jackson?! we shod do a petition to recreate the movie! WHO’S WITH ME?

    1. Im with you. This movie really sucked. I was so disappointed in everything in this movie. It makes me wonder why Rick would let Chris do this and go along with it.


    1. “Didn’t want to ruin his imagination of the characters and movie????!!!!!!!!!!” HE RUINED IT FOR THE REAL FANS

  20. I agree the first movie sucks if you read the books, but at least they got a new director Thor Freudenthal. Maybe he can make it more like the books even though they may have to cut some parts to be able to put it in the theaters.

  21. Gosh you are so right. I feel like punching the stupid idiot how made everything so wrong. Heck, I’ll punch the whole crew!! I was kind of interested in the movie, and now… SPLAT!! IT WAS THE WORSE MOVIE I HAVE EVER WATCHED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I was soooooo disappointed. The book was all you needed to make an excellent movie, and they stuffed it. I HATE how the Percy Jackson guy was like 16, when he was only that age in the LAST BOOK! No way they will ever be able to make a sequel with that idiot acting as Percy Jackson. Gosh. AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Had to let out my fury!! I would rate that -1000000000 out of 1000000000000000000. NO WAY IS A SEQUEL GONNA BE MADE!!! I WILL SUE!!!

  22. I didn’t really mind them making Grover black.I liked his character.But the actors who played Percy and Annabeth weren’t cut out for the role.
    I agree with you on the gods part.That kind of irked me.Not that I’m a racist.If they made a movie about Egyptian mythology,and had some white guys playing Egyptian gods,I’d be kind of ticked at that.
    The plot was insane.It reminded me of Eragon,but at least Eragon didn’t deviate so much from the plot.The Lightning Thief movie made a whole new plot,literally.And what about Ares?Instead of Percy fighting Ares,he fights Luke.
    How are they going to introduce Kronus to the plot?If they don’t,so help me god I’m going to boycott those movies.
    I only watched the movie once.I facepalmed so many times,my face was raw.I never want to see it again.

  23. I absolutely LOVE the percy jackson, heroes of olympus, and harry potter serie and was really excited to the seepercy jackson movie. BUT after, i was pretty disappointed. in the movie they’re like 12 but in the movie they’re like 18 so they pretty much messed up the entire series because of the age difference. WHY they didnt mentioned kronos or the great prophecy i dont know. the plot in the movie is a whole lot different than the book. They left a lot of characters aka clarrise, ares, hermes, and WHY they added persephone?! i dont know. THEY LEFT OUT a lot of important info from the book so i dont really dont have much hope for the 2nd movie since they basically messed up the first one

  24. dude Hephaestus was born with dark skin;

    and technically they could mix with black people right? it’s ancient stories SET IN modern times.

    other than that i agree with everything you said.

    1. In the books, Grover was white. Rick Riordan had a picture on his website as well, Grover was white. I don’t like it when movies differ from books, because it messes with the mental picture that forms while reading the books.

  25. Did anybody see the (crappy) sequel recently? Now that was also a major deviation from the book! They finally introduced the prophecy, but instead of 16, it’s 20! Percy would have to be in college by the time that happens….

    Plus no Circe, no Sirens, 1 anonymous hippocampus not three….and what was super weird is that Luke interferes way too much. I seriously think the movie studio is trying too hard to add more scenes with Luke (to attract fangirls to the theaters). But the worst offense of all….KRONOS! He doesn’t even show up till the very end of the fourth book! How is this even possible? And the cursed blade is not riptide! It’s annabeth’s knife!

  26. I saw the first movie, and i was just like “What the FUCK has Chris Columbus done?” He has a worse resume` than his namesake in 1492 did! I am an absolute fan of the book series, and the ones that follow after it. But once I saw the movie, I never wanted to watch it again, or any one of the sequels in the movie franchise. I have to say, I hate the actors selected for the roles, because they didn’t follow the characteristics, looks, or ages of the actual characters. Also, they forgot most of the gods, demigods, and other parts in the book, and just followed whatever the fuck they wanted to do. What bugs me even more, is that Chris Columbus read the series, too!

  27. I totally agree except for two things. First of all, Logan Lerman would have made a good Percy if he were younger and had a better script. He’s played an insecure, awkward boy before in Perks of Being a Wallflower. And second of all, Alexandria Daddario isn’t chunky. Just because the movie stunk, doesn’t mean you can insult the ones who were unfortunate enough to be in it. Just a side note-Dylan Sprayberry, young superman in Man of Steel, would’ve been an amazing Percy Jackson.

  28. rick riordan wrote the screenplay with craig titley…chris columbus directed it. so it’s not all chris’s fault. clearly they didn’t write the screenplay very well if they didn’t include a bunch of people and certain things.

  29. they probably didn’t even need to buy the rights to the movie to make it… just rename the characters, and the movie itself. no one would blink an eye

  30. I agree! This movie sucked a lot! But some of your comments really were not what made it bad! Actually most of the things you mentioned heavily are not at all what made it bad? annabeth being “chunky” and the greek gods not being all white are really nothing to be complaining about. I mean seriously the gods changed forms all the time I don’t think them, or any other character, being POC completely ruined the movie like the lack of plot did. I mean as someone mentioned above, having the prophecy being way later messes up the rest of the series! as does the complete lack of care for how the plot would affect their later movies.

  31. I’ve loved Rick Riordan ever since I read The Lightning Thief, and I’ve read every single one of his books, and I’m waiting for the next Magnus Chase and Trails of Apollo books right now. I was in the middle of The Heroes of Olympus when I heard about the movie, so I immediately got it.
    It takes the prize for the SINGLE WORST MOVIE BASED OFF A BOOK OF ALL TIME. I can’t believe I wasted part of my life on that movie. Worse, I can’t believe I got the second movie and watched it, hoping it would be better, when it was even worse than the first one.
    What I really hate, though, is that people who haven’t read the book will watch the movies and think “So this is was Percy Jackson is?” because it’s not. This movie destroyed every part of the beautiful, sad, funny, touching, awesome, hilariously sarcastic story true fans know and love.
    The books changed my life and gave meaning to my childhood.
    The movie was an insult to that,

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