Enough About Tiger Woods Already

What is with our society’s ridiculous voyeuristic celebrity obsession? And why does society insist on crucifying celebrities for their mistakes?  If the situation were reversed, people would be asking for the same things Tiger Woods is…privacy and forgiveness!

I’ve never been able to understand the celebrity obsession. Paparazzi stalking them everywhere, magazines and tabloids dedicated to nothing but going through celebrity dirty laundry…

The reality is, aside from money, they are no different from the rest of society. The vast majority of our country is at least as messed up as some of the celebs, and most of society is likely a lot worse.

In some ways I believe that our society’s obsession with celebrities drives them to do the thing they do…hell, if I had someone stalking me 24/7 with cameras trying to catch a compromising shot of me or my family members, I’d probably spend my time drunk or high too!

On that note, Tiger Woods. So the guy has messed up, been unfaithful. It’s none of our business. He has free agency, and he can screw whoever he wants. Sure, cheating is wrong, but that is between Tiger, Elin and God. Not our business, not our problem.

He is the best in the world at what he does. He is under enormous pressure. Leave the poor guy alone. Give him the space he deserves to try to fix his mistakes. The rich and famous deserve space and privacy as much as anyone else does, perhaps more!

We look at their fame and wealth and think, wow, what must that be like, and so we follow them with microscopes attempting in some way to live vicariously. Despicable. We can thank the news and media whores for perpetuating the problem…

Put yourself in their position…would you like to be stalked constantly? Would you appreciate it if everything you did and said went on record, and was scrutinized for the tiniest mistakes? I doubt it. You would probably start whining about privacy or something…

ENOUGH! Seriously people, leave Tiger alone. Leave all celebrities alone. Be grateful for the movies and sports entertainment they provide us with, and leave their private lives alone!

I bet if they stopped making movies, and stopped playing sports, and stopped recording music, society might just get the hint 🙂

That said, this episode of South Park making fun of sex addiction is pretty funny 🙂 Tiger Woods South Park Episode

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