James Cameron’s Avatar – A Truly Incredible Movie

James Cameron is no stranger to epic movies, having created some of the greatest movies of all time. That said, he has outdone himself this time.

Avatar, his latest (and in my opinion greatest) movie, is truly something special.

I love movies. I’ve been watching movies since before I could speak, and I’ve seen literally thousands. Without a doubt, Avatar is the best movie I’ve ever seen. The scope, beauty and grandeur of this film was literally out of this world (pun intended πŸ™‚ ).

Though I know that much of this movie had to have been CG, not once did it look or feel that way. The world of Avatar, Pandora, was literally a paradise, filled with plant and animal life that was breathtakingly beautiful, day and night. What I wouldn’t give to live on a world like that!

To summarize the plot, the brother of a young, paraplegic ex-marine is involved in a program called Avatar, on the distant world of Pandora. The brother dies, and the young ex-marine, Jake Sully, is asked to take his place in the program. An Avatar is a human alien hybrid that can be controlled by a user’s mind, essentially a super advanced puppet.

Pandora is also home to a rare mineral, Unobtanium, that is worth a fortune back on earth. No surprise then that humans have come to the world to mine the mineral. Alas, the race inhabiting Pandora, the Na’vi, are worshipers of the earth and strongly against the mining. The Avatar program is essentially an outreach program to persuade the Na’vi to let the humans take what they want. Shockingly, they are not very accepting of the gesture πŸ˜‰

Jake integrates into the Na’vi culture in a way nobody else has been able to do, and the movie revolves around his growth within their culture and the struggle for the future of this incredibly beautiful and truly unique world.

While I must admit, the plot wasn’t terribly complex, every other aspect of the movie was so utterly stunning that no plot at all would have been just fine by me. The characters were superbly rendered, the emotional conveyance excellent, and the visuals beyond belief. There were numerous times in the movie where I became quite emotional, and I sat quite literally on the edge of my seat for all 3 hours!

I loved this movie, and I hope to see it again and again! Thank you, James Cameron, for creating such a masterpiece.

You can read more about the movie here: Avatar. You can also check out the trailer below, but I highly recommend you just go and see the movie…ASAP πŸ™‚


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