Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo Utah – Best Pizza Buffet EVER

My buddy AJ asked me the other day if I had tried Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo, which I hadn’t. He said it was by the same guys who did Craigo’s Gourmet Pizza Co. in Rexburg, ID, and that I should ask my wife about it. So I did, and my wife practically gushed about how amazing their pizza was, so that sealed the deal. We headed out the next night 🙂

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WOW. That pretty much sums up my experience at Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo. I’ve eaten at SO many pizza buffet places over the years, and this was by far the best I’ve had. Not quite the best pizza I’ve had, but the best I’ve had at a buffet.

You pay upfront, and then find a seat. The atmosphere is fun, and there is tons of space. Things can get a bit cramped at the buffet counter, but there was no shortage of seating.

At $6.49 per person for lunch, and $6.99 at dinner, drink not included ($1.29 extra), it is a little on the high-end for a typical pizza buffet. That said, Pizza Pie Cafe was anything but typical. I’ve never been to a pizza buffet that had so many fresh and delicious types of pizza and pasta. Nothing here was cold or stale, and everything was uber tasty.

Pizza Pie Cafe Pizza in Provo

They serve something like 30 different types of pizza, including a potato and rosemary pizza that was absolutely fantastic. They had a bunch of different types of pasta, and 6 different pasta sauces. They even had like 6 flavors of dessert pizza, with things such as peach cobbler, raspberry cobbler and Oreo pizza and more (all delicious 🙂 ). It really was a pizza feast!

I am so excited to finally have a good pizza buffet in Provo! My wife and I loved the pizza here so much that we have decided to make this a family night tradition 🙂

Pizza Pie Cafe is located at 2235 North University Pkwy. in Provo, UT, in the parking lot of Albertsons. Their phone # is 801-373-5561, and the hours are Monday-Thursday from 11am to 10pm, and Friday-Saturday from 11am to 11pm. They are closed Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo Utah – Best Pizza Buffet EVER”

  1. I agree, the value was tremendous! The pizza alone was probably worth the $7, but then a full pasta, salad, and dessert bar? This is one place that will likely do amazingly well in Provo, even though it is in the cursed building.

  2. From what I can tell, this is definitely high quality pizza, pasta, and don’t get me started on how good the salad is! The students working there were very friendly, but the managers here are absolutely atrocious! They spent more time rolling in conceit, just happy about the amount of people in the restaurant and not the specific customer’s experience. I may be mistaken, but I think I spoke with Jeffrey and Cory. They were both extremely rude and I felt like they didn’t even care about my situation. I would give this place a 1, because even if they can make good food, one bad experience will never bring me back.

    1. Sad that you had a bad experience with the managers, but alas, what do you expect at a buffet 🙂 I choose restaurants for the food…service is a distant second.

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