Pirate Island Pizza in Orem UT – A Fun Place for the Family

My wife and I spend a lot of time in and around University Mall in Orem, and we see places come and go. When the University Mall dollar theater closed, we were sad to see it go, but the new Cinemark was more our style, so no big deal.

Not too long after the dollar theater closed, we saw a sign that said Pirate Island, with what looked like a pizza cutter in the skull and crossbones. We were way excited by the prospect of a themed restaurant so close to home, and have been eagerly awaiting the opening ever since. They were originally planning on opening July 20th, but there were delays getting their pizza ovens, so the date came and went with no opening.

I am glad to announce that, as of today, August 18th, PIRATE ISLAND PIZZA in Orem is now open!!!

The Pirate Island Sign

My wife, myself, my sister and her husband all went there for lunch today for the grand opening. Because it was the first day open, I’m going to let some little things slide. It takes time to get a wait staff and kitchen up to speed, so I won’t address that much.

The atmosphere was awesome. If you like themed restaurant such as the Mayan, or Casa Bonita in Denver, you will love Pirate Island. When you first walk through the doors, you are greeted  by an awesome lagoon full of pirate booty, a pirate, a skeleton, waterfalls, fog and more. There are cool pirate looking maps on the wall, and a skeleton hanging in a crows cage from the ceiling.

The Pirate Skeleton at Pirate Island Pizza in Orem

You enter the restaurant through a stalactite cave type thing, which was very well done. As you walk into the restaurant proper, you are greeted by a massive pirate ship, with pirates on deck and cannons that shoot smoke rings. To the right is a Tortuga style village area with plenty of seating,  a kids play center and an awesome arcade. There are a number of private rooms for birthday parties and the like.

We were seated to the left, closer to the gift shop, restrooms (very nice 🙂 ), and a stage. They have live bands playing weeknights after 7, which I think is really cool. All the wait staff is dressed in pirate garb, with fancy pirate names to boot. Everyone was super nice and attentive, including the manager and the Chef, both of whom I was able to speak with.

Being a pizza place and all, we mostly ordered pizza. My wife and I got a medium sized pizza called The Bachelors Delight (all meat pizza) for $16.99. My brother in law ordered a personal pan pepperoni pizza for $6.99, while my sister ordered a blackened chicken penne pasta dish at $7.99.

The pizza was really good! It was a thicker crust, piled high with meat and cheese, and just the right amount of pizza sauce. The sauce was delicious, thick like I like it. Best of all, despite being the all meat pizza, it really wasn’t greasy, which impressed me. I’d say it was the best thick style pizza I’ve had in the Provo/Orem area (and I’ve eaten at most of them). It was well worth the money.

My sister really didn’t like her pasta dish, which was sad. The chicken was dry and really had no flavor, though the pasta was really good. They happily took it back and gave her a free personal pizza to make up for it, which she loved. I’m sure it will get better with time, as a new kitchen staff and new equipment take getting used to, and chicken is never an easy ingredient to cook well.

Though I usually don’t do dessert, we polished everything off with a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake with strawberry sauce for $4.99, which was delicious. I never say no to a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, especially if strawberries are involved.

All in all, between the atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the great pizza, it was a wonderful visit. While I personally prefer thinner, traditional Italian style pizza, I will definitely be back again for more. If you have kids, then I would certainly recommend a trip to Pirate Island in Orem, as they will absolutely love it!

Pirate Island Pizza Pirate Ship in Orem Utah

Their hours are Monday through Thursday, 11am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm. They are closed Sunday. You can make reservations on their website, which I would recommend for the first little while 🙂

You can visit their website to make reservations and view the menu: Pirate Island Pizza in Orem

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7 thoughts on “Pirate Island Pizza in Orem UT – A Fun Place for the Family”

  1. Well, we tried Pirate Island last night and I will agree that the atmosphere was cool. They have done a great job with the look of the place. My kids had a great time running back and forth between the food and the arcade! However, that being said I was not at all impressed with the food. We ordered a Kraken (24″ pizza) and a Frigate (16″ pizza). The Kraken was supposed to be a 1/2 chicken alfredo and 1/2 supreme. Well, the crust was as thin as cardboard and fairly mushy. The sauce was decent. The toppings were non-existent. For a supreme I would expect a decent amount and variety of toppings. I am pretty sure our supreme consisted of several pieces of pepperoni, some sausage and a couple of chunks of green pepper and pineapple. The chicken in the chicken alfredo was hard to find. The Frigate (which was for the kids) wasn’t too bad, although again, the toppings weren’t in abundance! We went there with three other families and ended up just splitting the ticket four ways. So, for $24.60 per family or a total of $98.40 (which included the drinks) I thought we way over paid. For a $100 in pizza and a few drinks I was expecting a lot more than what we got. I guess you’re paying for the atmosphere and not the pizza………..

    1. Sad to hear! I really liked the pizza, our crust was uber thick, and the toppings were plentiful. Most of the other reviews I’ve seen have been positive also. I’d talk to the manager and see about some free pizza…perhaps they were having a bad night? That said, you are paying a premium for the atmosphere 🙂

  2. Great review! I hadn’t heard of Pirate Island before, and this was google’s #2 result when I searched for it. So nice to get a real person’s opinion/tour of the place. Thanks!

  3. I took my family into Pirate Island last week. We have been there before and I was fine with everything but our experience last week was really great. Apparently a few weeks ago they hired a new chef. I ordered the Chef’s Feature which was Chicken Marsala. It was really tender and delicious. I really wasn’t expecting such a great meal at a family restauarant that I thought focused mostly on pizza’s. From what the pirate server told us they have really improved the pizza too. The service was friendly and the atmosphere is always really fun for the kids.

  4. Last week we drove over a hundred miles (one way) to attend a BDay party for our grandson. It was on a Monday night. We had a great time. We all shared a huge pizza. The BDay boy had alligator. I had chicken noodle soup. The pizza was alright, bread sticks great, alligator was almost cooked too crispy, and my soup was super drab. Tiny amounts of chicken and noodles. I should have made a fuss, but I didn’t want to distract from the fun. It always makes a negative feeling come over the party when someone complains. The thing I really want to complain about is . . . we played Pirate BINGO. It could have been fun but, they gave us little round candies which continually rolled off the board, AND the announcer had such a bad fake priate voice that he couldn’t be understood. I’m not kidding. Even our pirate lady servers said they couldn’t understand him. (We went on Sep 20, 2010) How disappointing, especially since we drove so far. Grandma Butler

  5. I have been to Pirate Island at least 10 times! I took my scouts there on 10/09/10 the huge pizza was so much better than before! I love, love their salmon and bred sticks. The scouts all about 12 to 13 LOVED IT the food and fun! I will have a birthday party there in a week or so! I have been a pirate actor all over the state for over 5 years and for over 1,000,000 people. So I love the pirate place they have built here! Keep up the great work. I shall return with friends!

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