Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince – A Movie Not Worth Seeing

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, though I was a latecomer to the series. I’ve read the entire series 3 or 4 times, and have enjoyed it each and every time. Unfortunately, the movies have, for the most part, failed to live up to the books. The first and second movie, done by Chris Columbus, were my favorites. Alas, I’ve found myself somewhat disappointed with the rest of the movies, and the Half-blood Prince was no exception.

I read a lot of reviews today, almost all of which were glowingly positive. With that in mind, I was very excited to see the latest installment in the series. The opening scene of the movie was not in the book, an immediate black mark in my mind. As the movie progressed, things never really got better.

While much of what was portrayed was true to the book, there was simply something about the way the movie was filmed and delivered that was off. The visual tones seemed off. There were none of the familiar elements that made Hogwarts so fascinating…no moving pictures, no portraits to get into the common rooms, no house elves, no ghosts, no enchanted ceiling…they were even in class only once in the entire movie. Everything that made Hogwarts Hogwarts was missing.

In addition, almost the whole of the movie felt like a Cliff Notes version of Harry Potter, rushing from scene to scene with no lead-in to make sure all the main points were covered. The acting felt forced, there were key actors missing from the main storyline…it was just wrong.

To top it all off, the ending battle sequence was basically missing, as was Dumbledore’s funeral. It felt…anti-climactic. I love movies that can bring you into the movie emotionally, make you FEEL what is on the screen. With Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, I felt nothing. There was nothing endearing.

All in all, I honestly wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who loved the books, as I can’t help but believe you would leave disappointed. I wish the Harry Potter movies would be given the treatment that Lord of the Rings got. i don’t think anyone would mind watching a 3-4 hour Harry Potter movie if it was directed and produced with the same level of quality and completeness as Lord of the Rings was.

I’m still holding out hope for the Deathly Hallows movies, but if Part 1 is a poorly made as this movie was, I won’t bother with Part 2. My recommendation? Skip this movie, and go read the book again 🙂

I’m including a link to the trailer, since the trailer was better than the movie…


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince – A Movie Not Worth Seeing”

  1. It just wasn’t put together very well at all. Normally, I can still enjoy it, but this one was particularly badly done, I thought. It’s focus was totally different from the book… more on the teenage romance aspect and less on Harry’s mission. And they tried to keep it dark and serious, too. But the end result was this strangely unsatisfying movie, like you said, very undeveloped! (Sorry, I totally ranted on my blog, too, but it looks like there’s still some disappointment lingering)

  2. I completely agree! Why was so much left out and why add new things instead of including the important plot elements?

    Such a disappointment!

  3. i completely agree with you in almost every aspect. i loved the first two movies and felt that that director should have stayed. the makers of the next movies turned it into a blockbuster hype. they could have made it so much better. the thing that got my blood boiling the most is that the wizards were flying when in the books only Voldemort learned how to do that. pieced together terribly. keen scenes were missing. like the funeral. and they should have made it longer and less about the romances.

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