Thai Drift in Orem UT – Awesome Thai Food!

So I guess I’m on a Thai kick or something 🙂 After writing my review of Thai Village yesterday, I was talking to a co-worker who REALLY loves Thai food. He said he has eaten at every Thai place in the valley, and the best he had found was a little place in Orem called Thai Drift. I’ve driven by it a hundred times, but for whatever reason I’d never been. So, I picked up my wife from work yesterday and off we went!

My first impressions were clean but small. Thai Drift was very stylish in atmosphere and decor, but there was only seating for 36, and with food this good, I bet it gets crowded. However, we got there at a great time, and were seated immediately.

The waiter was friendly and efficient, very polite. We sat in the corner, right next to a cool little water feature burbling in the background. The menus, like everything else, were elegant. We decided to start with an appetizer, and instead of our usual Chicken Satay, we got the Thai Dumplings ($5.99). There were 8 of them, fresh and crispy, served with a sweet and sour chili sauce that was tasty but no spicy.

For entrees, my wife got the Pad Thai, while I went with the Red Curry. One of these entrees could EASILY have fed two people, but we like variety, and my wife likes leftovers, so we always get two. Each entree was $8.99, about average for Thai food places in the area. The Pad Thai was delicious, though I felt the noodles were not quite soft enough. The tamarind flavor was subdued, and there was just a hint of chili powder, but it was not at all spicy.

The Red Curry was absolutely delicious, and I would say it ties with Thai Village in AF. I had beef in mine, but you also have the choice of chicken, pork or tofu. The sauce was delicious and creamy, and had just the right amount of curry spice. I stuffed myself, and still had enough left over for another meal, which is awesome!

For an appetizer and two entrees, our total was about $25 with tax, not too shabby. The food was delicious, and we will most definitely be back for more 🙂

You can view their menu and hours here: The Thai Drift

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2 thoughts on “Thai Drift in Orem UT – Awesome Thai Food!”

  1. Um, the massaman curry is to die for!

    I was just deciding if I wanted to go to Stumpy Burger. This post may have convinced me that someone with good taste likes it. 🙂

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