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When it comes to food, I love sampling the cuisines of various countries and cultures. My favorite is Indian food, but Thai food is a VERY close second. I’ve eaten at maybe five or six different Thai restaurants in Utah, and the best I have found so far is Thai Village in American Fork.

I don’t like food that is so hot I can no longer taste what I am eating, and Thai food can be pretty hot. One of the best things about Thai Village is that everything is made to order, so you can decide just how spicy you want your food, from super hot to not spicy at all. I personally aim for like a two out of five on the spicy scale 🙂

As an appetizer, I highly recommend the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce ($6.95). The chicken in served skewered, slightly crispy, with a wonderful peanut sauce, a Thai staple. If that is not your thing, they have delicious Thai Spring Rolls, served with a sweet and sour sauce, that are equally wonderful ($5.95).

For the entree, I always get two things, the Pad Thai and the Red Curry. Though I’ve tasted seven or eight of their entrees, the Pad Thai and the Red Curry are by far my favorites. I like the Red Curry so much I’ve learned how to make it! The Pad Thai ($8.95) is a noodle dish made with a wonderful, slightly tangy tamarind sauce, slivered carrots, and ground peanuts. The flavor is both unique and wonderful. The Red Curry ($8.95) is meat of your choice cooked in a sauce of coconut milk, lime leaves, curry, oyster sauce, and a few other ingredients that escape me.

They also do a lunch special for $7.95 that includes salad, spring roll, wanton skins, steamed rice and choice of meat in your dish. If you go for lunch, I highly recommend chosing this option.

I have not yet tried any desserts, but if they are half as good as everything else, they would be wonderful! They are open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday. Entrees are large and come with rice, and can easily feed two people.

You can view their menu here: Thai Village AF


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  1. If you haven’t tried Chanon Thai on 900 South and 300 East- you definitely should! Their red curry is my favorite. You should post your red curry recipe!

    1. Thanks Becky, I will definitely give Chanon Thai a try! I’ll post up that recipe as soon as I figure out where I put it 🙂

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