Eliane French Bakery in Orem UT

I have always been a dessert person, and I have a special place in my stomach for a good dessert pastry. I’m also a huge fan of authentic international cuisine, and have eaten food from dozens of countries. In high school, there was a perfect little bakery across the street that made the best croissants and french pastries, and I have been looking for something like that here in Utah for a long time. I’m happy to say I found it!

In Orem, right at the edge of Orem and Provo, there is a little French bakery tucked back into a small business complex. It is right at the corner of State Street and Columbia Ln, just south of Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus store.

The owner and chef is a pleasant French gentleman who happily greets his customers in an entertaining combination of English and French, and bustles about the bakery to get you whatever your heart’s desire, from pastries to French bread and croissants, Quiche to flan.

Eliane makes a wide variety of dessert pastries, from filled croissants to fruit tarts, Napoleons to eclairs. I have tried almost everything there, and everything is delicious. My favorite desserts so far are the Pear Almond Tart, and the Napoleon. The tart is delectable, with a fantastic shortbread crust and delicious caramelized pears. The Napoleon is flaky and rich, and big enough for two!

If you are looking for more than dessert, never fear. Eliane also specializes in traditional French food, from Croque Monsieur to varieties of Quiche. They do other traditional items from time to time, but those are the most common options.

The food is inexpensive and filling, and truly wonderful, and I highly recommend Eliane French Bakery in Orem Utah to any foodie! They are located at 1750 S. State Street in Orem, UT, and are open Tuesday through Saturday (Closed Sunday and Monday). They are open early, and close whenever the food is gone 🙂

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