Mazza in Salt Lake City – A Middle Eastern Food Delight

I love exotic food of all varieties, and have sampled the cuisines of dozens of countries. Of all the many different food types, my favorites have been Indian and Middle Eastern foods. In Utah, hands down the best place to eat Middle Eastern cuisine is at Mazza in Salt Lake City Utah.

Mazza started out as a tiny little cafe with a handful of seats, and has since grown into two spacious locations, a testament to their incredible food fare. One is located at 1515 South and 1500 East in SLC, the other at 912 East 900 South in SLC. Having read a variety of positive reviews about Mazza, I decided to check it out.

What a delight it turned out to be! The food at Mazza is rich and flavorful, and while dinner is on the expensive side, it is worth every penny. The fragrant spices and wonderful flavors make a dish at Mazza a real treat. I had the Lamb and Rice Dolaa, which is braised lamb shoulder cooked in a blend of nine spices, with pine nuts and almonds, and served with a cucumber yogurt sauce. I enjoyed every bite.

For the lunch crowd, they do a variety of sandwiches, from Falafel to Lamb Kebab sandwiches. They are affordable, and as delicious as the dinner fare. They also serve a variety of traditional desserts, such as Baklawa, Ma’mool and Kanafeh. I could tell you what those are, but you REALLY need to try them for yourselves 🙂

If you are looking for a unique and delicious place for lunch or dinner in the Salt Lake City area, then Mazza is for you. You can explore their menu and find operating hours at their website, here: Mazza Restaurant.

Here are directions to their 1500 south and 1500 east location, the location I visited:


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3 thoughts on “Mazza in Salt Lake City – A Middle Eastern Food Delight”

  1. I love Mazza- great food and great location. You can make a whole evening of it and see an indie film at the theater next door, grab coffee at Coffee Garden, or go to some shops around 9th and 9th. Great review!

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with this review. I am sure this person hasn’t had very good middle eastern food before. A lot of dishes on the menu are really bland and don’t give this type of cuisine the credit it deserves.

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