UP the Movie – Pixar Tugs at the Heart Strings

While Pixar has come a long way, and has traditionally pushed the envelope of cutting edge animation, I have never been a big fan of their movies…until now.

I had no intention of going to see UP, the latest movie from Pixar. However, almost everyone I talked to about what the latest and best movies are mentioned UP, and not a single person had anything negative to say. On the contrary, every review I heard or read said that it was one of the best movies the reviewer had ever seen. On the basis of such outstanding positive recommendations, my wife and I decided to see UP.

I love it! I’ll admit I got teary eyed a few times, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the heartwarming movie. UP grabs you by the heart strings right from the start, and keeps on tugging throughout the movie.

The story is of an old man who sets out on a long awaited adventure. There are a number of emotional twists not advertised in the trailers, and I don’t want to give anything away. He is accompanied by an annoying yet endearing little boy, and a few more zany companions as the movie progresses.

I unhesitatingly recommend this movie for anyone, young or old…well, maybe not for crying infants, who shouldn’t be at the movies anyways 🙂 You can watch the trailer below:


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