Stumpy Burger in Provo Utah – The Best Burgers I’ve Ever Had

UPDATE: I’ve been told that Stumpy Burger has closed…Not sure if that is true, so I’ll be going by to check sometime this week. If it is true, it’s a sad day in the Utah Burger World, because Stumpy made amazing burgers :'(

So, my wife and I love to go for walks down Provo center street, looking at shops, trying new eateries. A week or so ago, my wife and I spotted a new place in downtown Provo, called Stumpy Burger. I’ll admit, with delicious burgers right around the corner at Sammy’s, I was skeptical about trying another burger place so close, but we decided to give it a go.

And glad I am that we did! Stumpy Burger makes the very best hamburgers I have ever had, without question. They season their patties with secret ingredients (Johnny’s Seasoning Salt 🙂 ) that adds an incredible burst of flavor to an old tried and true. The quality of the beef is high, and I would suspect ground steak.

The burger was served with melty cheese, crunchy pickles and delicious sauteed onions on a lightly toasted bun. Lettuce and tomatoes are not an option, since the owner feels that they detract from the flavor and texture of the burger. Every single bite was a taste of heaven.

On top of the to die for burgers, the fries were also delicious, and served with a housemade fry sauce that had horseradish and quite a kick 🙂

I can say without question that I will be coming back regularly for more of these. My only complaint was with the lack of bacon as an option, though with the flavorful seasoning in the patties, I can survive without my bacon.


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13 thoughts on “Stumpy Burger in Provo Utah – The Best Burgers I’ve Ever Had”

  1. Seriously people, eat one burger at Stumpy’s and you will never be the same! I’ve been craving another ever since…

  2. They have bacon now! Give it a try… but I still like it just with pickles and onions… and cheese of course! Best burgers ever! 🙂

  3. wahhhhh!!!!!! We live in the KC area and often go down to our property in Shell Knob where they used to be located. We were so sad to hear that they left.

  4. I am a true Stumpy fan! I live in AR but my family owns a lake house in Missouri and I remember when Stumpy was in Shell Knob..oh how I miss it!

  5. Yes, I am the President of Stumpy Burger!

    I am grieved that we had to close!

    If there is an investor out there that would like to help me move back to Provo and reestablish the business, I would be MORE than willing! I am flying solo
    right now. 816-804-7597 June 27, 2012

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