Terminator Salvation – The Best Terminator Since T2

I love Terminator. I remember seeing Terminator 2: Judgment Day when it came out, and I was absolutely enthralled! It was such an incredible concept, and so brilliantly made, that I was instantly hooked. Since that time, I have seen every Terminator movie and TV show ever made, multiple times 🙂

That said, I absolutely loved Terminator Salvation, the latest and probably the final movie. I read a lot of negative reviews before I went to see it, which I’ll admit had me a bit worried. This iconic movie was put in the hands of McG, a small-timer in the eyes of the movie industry. Though he has had some successes, McG had never tackled anything of this magnitude, and I was concerned that he may have completely botched this final foray into the Terminator universe. I was way wrong.

While I admit that the story line in this movie was a bit thinner than I like, the delivery was utterly fantastic. It was worlds better than Terminator 3, a movie that should never have seen the light of day. It was a very close second to T2, my favorite movie in the franchise. Christian Bale played the part of John Connor very well, perfectly representing what I would have envisioned the adult John Connor to be like.

I would have liked to see this final movie tied in to the final episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which would have made for a perfect circle, but alas, that was not the case. Regardless, I felt that Terminator Salvation was true to the vision created by James Cameron.

Regardless of whether you grew up loving Terminator, or this will be your first Terminator experience, you won’t be disappointed. Watch the trailer below:


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