The Smoking Apple – A Taste of Texas in Lindon Utah

UPDATE: It’s been just about a year since I wrote this post, and my wife and I as well as numerous friends and family members have been back numerous times, and the food is just as amazing as ever 🙂 I highly recommend the 2 meat plate ($8.99), with brisket and pulled pork, and cornbread, potatoes and corn for your sides…trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Having grown up in Texas, I’ve been eating Texas barbecue since I was in diapers. I’ve had every imaginable variety of ribs, brisket, pulled pork and steak, smothered in every type of dry rub, wet rub and sauce in existence. Since moving to Utah, I’ve searched and searched for that elusive taste of Texas, but I just haven’t found anything to compare.

Until now 🙂

The Smoking Apple, a new restaurant located at 70 North State Street in Lindon UT, isn’t just a taste of Texas. It is, hands down, the best barbecue I have ever had. The ribs are tender, barely clinging to the bone, and covered in a delicious rub. The brisket is tender and smoky, with an ever so slightly tangy sauce. The pulled pork is to die for, also smothered in the house sauce. The meat has been cooked for around 12 hours, sometimes as much as 20+ hours, to achieve that perfect tenderness and smoky flavor.

And then you have the sides! They have the best garlic mashed potatoes and sweet corn I have ever tasted, and the cornbread is just stunning! My wife and I went to The Smoking Apple for the first time about a month and a half ago, and we have been back 3 times since then. It really is that good 🙂

In addition to the traditional Texan BBQ fare, they also make some delicious Philly Cheese steaks, if that is your thing. For those looking for a caterer for their next event, the owners of The Smoking Apple, Eric and Diane Warner, can handle that too. Simply call 1-801-406-9928 to get a quote for your catering needs.

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  1. The smoking apple is excellent. I love there corn bread and ribs the most, everything else on the menu is good to.. briscuit, pulled pork, baked beans, even the vegies were really good.. what’s amazing is despite the low prices this is the best BBQ restraunt in utah county. DO NOT let the price fool you. better than good wood, rib city etc.. family run and operated and warm friendly atmosphere… can not recommend enough.

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