Angels & Demons – 2 Hours in Hell

Dan Brown is an amazing author, and I absolutely loved Angels & Demons in book form. Unfortunately, Ron Howard saw fit to add his “directors” touch to the movie version, and it turned out absolutely horrible! Not only was I terribly disappointed with Angels and Demons the movie, but I will never watch it again, and I STRONGLY discourage anyone else from seeing it as well. It was an absolute waste of my time and my money!

I understand the need for making some changes in the process of taking a book to script to screen, and I can accept said changes, but there are limits to what I will accept. Ron Howard didn’t change Angels & Demons “just a little”, he absolutely re-wrote the entire beginning and end of the book., and condensed the rest into Cliffs Notes form. I don’t feel that this movie stays true to Dan Brown’s book in any way, shape or form.

There was no character development, no foundation, and not much in the way of acting. Instead, it appears that Howard relied on the success of The DaVinci Code to fill in the numerous gaps in this poor excuse for a Summer blockbuster. The only thing that made this movie worth sitting through was the breathtaking artwork in Rome, and an amusing look at the ridiculous rituals of the Roman Catholic church.

So, if you feel an overwhelming desire to watch a slide show of Roman art narrated by a winded Tom Hanks, feel free to go see Angels & Demons. If you are looking for an exciting movie to watch, go see Star Trek. I can only hope that if any more of Dan Brown’s books are turned into movies, that someone intelligent enough to leave them the way they are is put in charge.

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