X-Men Wolverine – 3 Claws Up

So, I’ll start off with a caveat: I am extremely biased when it comes to anything X-Men. That said, I really enjoyed the latest X-Men movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

You can view the trailer here:


When I first heard that they were doing spin-off movies for some of the X-Men characters, I wasn’t sure how well that would work. I was a huge X-Men fan growing up, watching the cartoons, collecting the comics and trading cards. At one point I could probably have told you pretty much anything about the X-Men universe.

When the very first X-Men movie came out, I was there at midnight, the very first night. Same for #2 and #3. Of the three main movies, the 2nd is my favorite, then the 3rd, then the 1st. But now, with X-Men Wolverine in the mix, all that has changed. Not only did the spin-off work, but it worked amazingly well.

While I realize that many reviews were negative, I personally loved the movie (with the exception of Ryan Reynolds, who is such a lousy actor). While it tried a little too hard to add humor to an otherwise serious story, I felt like the quality of the story, the action, and the fantastic effects made this a great movie.

The character development, in regards to Wolverine and Sabretooth, was fantastic. It explains so much that was hinted at in the first three movies. I was great to see the Origins of Wolverine portrayed in such a great way, and by an actor like Hugh Jackman. While there were a few things I would change, I still would give this movie a an A-.

I won’t hesitate to buy it when it comes out on DVD, and I will surely watch this, and almost any other variation of X-Men, that comes out in the future.

Seriously though, if they really make a Dead Pool spin-off, starring Ryan Reynolds, I am going to yack. Actors who can only portray one type of character are absolutely useless, especially when that character is cocky, sarcastic and ridiculously annoying.

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