Blue Lemon Restaurant and Bistro in Highland Utah

Right off the bat, there is nothing sour about the Blue Lemon in Highland UT. One of my favorite hobbies is visiting the latest restaurants, all over the state. I’ve eaten at some of the finest restaurants in the country, and am a Chef myself by hobby, so I know good  food when I find it.

That said, one of the best restaurants I have come across in quite some time is the Blue Lemon Restaurant and Bistro, nestled in Highland UT, right at the edge of Alpine. Their food is wonderfully delicious, natural and/or organic, and fairly inexpensive. My three favorite qualities!

The owner, Lychelle Day, has created something truly fantastic. No longer do the residents of Highland and Alpine need to travel to Salt Lake City to experience culinary wizardry at its finest. From the appetizers and entrees to the drinks and desserts, everything here is fantastic.

For our first trip to Blue Lemon, my wife and I went for lunch. We got there right at noon, and it was already packed! Even so, the wait was short, and well worth it (all 3 minutes of it 🙂 ). I had the portabello mushroom burger ($7.50) with a side of butternut squash soup ($1.50). My wife had the lemon lime grilled chicken BLT ($8), with a side of pasta salad ($1.50). We didn’t get drinks, but we did finish it off with a fruit tart.

Let me just say, everything we had was fantastic! The food was light and fresh, but filling. The butternut squash soup was the best I have ever tasted, no question. The fruit tart was on par with a delicious little french bakery I know of. All in all, I would give Blue Lemon two thumbs up!

We liked it so much, that we went back the next day, a Saturday, for their brunch. It starts at 9am, costs $12 per adult, and is at least as good as the lunch, if not better. They had everything from fresh pastries to pancakes and french toast with fruit and powdered sugar, fresh sausage and bacon, made to order omelets, and so much more! We plan to visit the Blue Lemon brunch every Saturday from now on.

UPDATE: So, sad news. Blue Lemon no longer does the Saturday morning brunch. I guess it was just a limited engagement thing. I’ll post up if it becomes available again!

To view the menu and more info, visit their website here: Blue Lemon Restaurant and Bistro

You can follow Blue Lemon on Twitter @blue_lemon

You can find directions to Blue Lemon here:


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