Dominos YouTube Video – Nasty Stuff

So, Domino’s Pizza is having a rough year. Not long ago, they had to give away thousands of free pizzas due to a “bailout” coupon code error. Oops. On top of that, a video was released on YouTube a few days ago of “Michael” and “Kristy”,  former Domino’s Pizza employees doing some pretty nasty things to someones food.

Everyone has heard stories about what can happen to your food at a fast food place, but actually seeing it happen was just disgusting. Boogers and cheese, farts on salami…I think I’m done eating at fast food. Even if it is a rare occurrence, I’d rather be safe than wonder what I’m eating.

I’d post a link to the video, but Kristy Hammond, allegedly the girl in the video, has removed it from YouTube…a little late I’d say, since both she and “Michael” are allegedly being charged with food tampering (a felony in North Carolina, where it occurred), and may face a lawsuit from Domino’s corporate.

Home cooked meals have never seemed so appealing 🙂

UPDATE: Domino’s Responds


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