Fallout 3 – The Coolest Game EVER!

I have been a gamer almost my entire life. I started on Nintendo in the late 80’s, and have played on every major console since then. I’ve played hundreds of games, and have a variety of favorites 🙂 However, I can now officially declare my all time favorite game.

Fallout 3

This game is absolutely engrossing. I’d read a variety of reviews saying how fantastic this game was, but I was skeptical. I’ve only ever found one RPG styled game that I liked (Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption), and since this was a FPS RPG, I was wary.

So, I decided to rent the game for the Xbox 360, and see what all the hype was about. After about an hour of game play, I knew I was hooked. Once you get past the first section of the game, you enter a breathtaking post apocalyptic Washington D.C. wasteland.

You can interact with almost everything, fight almost anything, and scavenge from most anywhere. Your choices change the way the game plays out, how your character grows, what you are able to do, and so much more. At the same time, the action and fighting is as good as any FPS I have played. The weapons are many, varied, and very very cool.

You can save whenever you want, stash stuff wherever you want, and pretty much do whatever you want. There are missions to complete, but no time frames, so you could spend your time endlessly fighting and looting, if you so desired.

All in all, I would give Fallout 3 a 10 of 10! This game absolutely rocks!

UPDATE: So, I have since downloaded all 3 expansions, and the game just keeps getting better and better! New areas, new weapons, new bad guys, and best of all, a new level cap of 30! I’ve given this game close to 100 hours of my live, and it has been worth every second 🙂

I’m excited for the next 2 iterations, another expansion due out Tuesday, June 23rd called Point Look, which supposedly adds a whole new map 1/5th the size of the normal Fallout 3 map. The other is another full game called Fallout 3: New Vegas, which will absolutely rock!


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