Katrina Darrell Strips Her Way to American Idol Fame

So, in another show of “media fame by whoredom”, Katrina Darrell leverages a hot body and a tiny bikini to get an audition on American Idol. Though her singing was mediocre, Simon sure seemed impressed.

Personally, I hate American Idol. I mean, it’s a ridiculous, mean spirited show, where 2 out of 3 people suck, and are only allowed to audition because the show needs some comedy. Then again, I think reality shows in general are garbage, so I’m probably biased.

Anywho, if anyone wants to be famous, you now know how to impress Simon.

One thought on “Katrina Darrell Strips Her Way to American Idol Fame”

  1. God, nothing is worse than American Idol. It’s a degrading, humiliating experience that makes me visibly cringe, not only at the grotesque failures, but also the hacknied, cliched “good” performances.

    By the way, I just got a wordpress account and I’ve been looking at some of the other comedy blogs, and I like yours! Lots of good stuff.


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