The iPhone Ocarina – Coolest iPhone App Ever!

So, yesterday at work I kept hearing a strange, musical sound. Periodically throughout the day, a flute like noise would play a song, each time a different song. After the third of fourth time, I went hunting to find the culprit. What did I find? Only the coolest iPhone application ever!

It turns out that a company called Smule has created an app called Ocarina. It is tuned to match the classic Zelda Ocarina, and is played by blowing into your iPhone microphone, just like you would a real Ocarina. It sounds absolutely fantastic!

The creators of the iPhone Ocarina, Smule, are currently holding a contest. $1,000 to each of ten people for the most popular video on YouTube of them playing their iPhone Ocarina. Best of all, it costs only 99 cents! Sweet! Now I just need an iPhone. Check out the Smule Ocarina Contest.

This is a sample of what you can do with your iPhone Ocarina:


P.S. – It also works on the iPod Touch if you buy an external microphone.

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