Dallas Morning News No Longer Supports the Death Penalty

So, as of today, the Dallas Morning News has changed it’s 100 year stance on capital punishment. Due to the large number of DNA related exonerations that have taken place, the Dallas Morning News has declared that capital punishment is never justified.

How very interesting. Their reason? Because the justice system is imperfect.

How does an imperfect justice system make the death penalty wrong? Are innocent people being put to death? Possibly, but they were put there by a jury of their peers doing their best to dispense justice, making a decision according to the information available. How is that wrong? Imperfect, perhaps, but not wrong.

I say the death penalty, whether dispensed perfectly or imperfectly, is important. It is a deterrent, and if unused, looses all purpose. No one fears a punishment that is never used. The punishment must be greater than the crime to be an effective deterrent.

Perhaps DNA evidence should be required prior to sentencing a criminal to death. Time and technology will make the system more effective, but we can’t put justice on pause while we wait. Face it…we do the best we can with an imperfect system.

I for one support the death penalty. If someone commits a crime for which there is no restitution possible, an appropriate punishment must be delivered. Taking away freedoms (such as incarceration) does not count as restitution for taking a life, or otherwise destroying a life. A life for a life is just.

Our world is the way it is because far too many lack either the will or the moral fiber to do what needs to be done.

I believe in mercy, but the good of many comes first. While doing away with the death penalty might be merciful to those sentenced to die, it would be unmerciful to the victims and potential victims. If there were no appropriate consequence in place, more people would suffer. Mercy must be tempered with wisdom and justice.

You can read the article here: The Dallas Morning News.

3 thoughts on “Dallas Morning News No Longer Supports the Death Penalty”

  1. “Mercy must be tempered with wisdom and justice.” You’ve got it exactly backwards, my friend. It’s hard justice which should be tempered with mercy. What you said makes no sense. Mercy is already soft and needs no tempering. You could say mercy needs to be strengthened by justice, but what you said is just wrong.

    I’m opposed to Capital Punishment. I have respect for opinions like that of the Dallas Morning News which changed, I guess because they feel executing innocent people once in a while is not worth it. My idea is capital punishment is morally incompatible with the very rules it’s supposed to enforce. So not executing innocents is a plus. First we achieve moral consistency. No murder.

  2. I disagree. If someone is put to death after having been convicted by a judge and jury, and later is found to have been innocent, that is not murder. Murder is the deliberate taking of an innocent life.

    I believe that if we do away with the death penalty, the effect on crime would be a greater evil than the death of a few innocent people.

    If I were convicted to die for a crime I did not commit, I would fight it, but if in the end I was never acquitted, then I would die. So be it. My life is insignificant when compared to the welfare of society.

    God knows the thoughts and hearts of all men, and would never hold judge or jury accountable for a wrongful death if they truly did what they believed to be right.

    The ends and the means must be weighed together with the greater good in mind. The pros of the death penalty outweigh the cons.

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