Caylee Anthony – RIP

I don’t want this to come off as heartless, but seriously, enough already. Hundreds of toddlers are murdered every year, and no one hears about it. Caylee Anthony is dead. There really wasn’t ever any doubt. Can we move on already?

I didn’t know her. Not a single person I know knew her. Her death was tragic and absolutely wrong, but I simply do not understand this ridiculous media circus. I feel for her family. I can’t even imagine what this must have been like for them. This has to have been incredibly hard on everyone involved. However, plastering it all over the news does not do any good for anyone.

I blame the media 100%. They want sales, they want “juicy” news. Tragedy is their bread and butter. If it weren’t for the media, I doubt many people would have ever heard of this, as it should be. Tragedies like this are personal. If it were my daughter or granddaughter, I most certainly wouldn’t have wanted a media circus. I would want to be left alone to grieve, to mourn in peace.

I say let it go. Leave these people alone. The woman responsible has been caught. Justice will be served. Stop beind so freaking morbid. Stupid media…


First off, I can’t believe the media is still making a circus out of this. Seriously people. Now to the actual update:

So my wife tells me there is some question as to how Casey Anthony can afford such a great legal team. The answer is, in my opinion, that she can’t. It is likely that she has the legal team she does pro bono.

To a defense lawyer, this is the best kind of publicity. They couldn’t pay to get this kind of publicity and media any other way. On top of which, if they somehow manage to get Casey Anthony off, not only will they get more business, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned around and tried to sue every major media outlet for slander, libel and defamation of character…

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  1. What if her defense team proves her innocent? The would you still feel the same? That means the killer is still on the loose regardless of if it was Casey Anthony or someone else! I think you should have kept this opinion to yourself. This blog entry makes you just as bad as the media, to say “let it go” makes you look just as bad as the media in the Anthony’s eyes. I am sure they would like justice to be served and for it not to be ‘let go’ of.

    1. My point isn’t that the crime should be ignored, my point is that the media needs to stop blowing things out of proportion.

  2. Well in all honesty I want to know what is going on…Maybe the media doesn’t tell the whole truth, but it is the only way we get access to the evidence, the media demands it. And I want to know…I have 3 kids and I would like to see all the monsters who kill toddlers behind bars or dead. I know we can’t get them all but each one counts IMO. And you can rant and rave all you want, the media isn’t going to stop. I don’t read your blog daily and I have no clue what you are about, but I am very interested in this case and just saw no point in that post.

  3. “Media blowing things out of proportion”???? Whadya nutz????

    Casey Anthony is the only one responsible for all of this. The horrendous “proportions” of which you speak are the facts in one of the most horrific crimes of our time. Everyone needs to know.

    Apparently you don’t have children of your own……

  4. C, samantics point was not to say that Caylee shouldn’t have been news or that she didn’t matter, it was that the coverage and circus surrounding her has been excessive. It’s the media’s job to report the news, but to cover one case such as this one and reporting on it like she is the first and only missing child ever, is wrong. I agree that it’s an interesting case and because we are informed about it, of course we want to know more, that’s natural. But, how is whether or not Casey is found guilty or innocent even related to the media coverage of this case? There are ways of covering a case. Updates here and there to inform the public is one thing, but constant info down to the details of what Casey is ordering to eat in jail is just not necessary for us to know. Plus, I don’t understand why samantics should keep his opinion to himself, but it’s okay for you to voice yours. I agree, the media is all about making money and this case is one that will do that for them. The first to report on it, the better for them. There is a point to the post, it’s that the media is all about making money. It’s okay to be interested in this case, that’s not what the post was about. There are little sweet girls and boys killed every year and we never hear about them or to this extent anyway. I have children too, and hate to see this evil out there, but what does that have to do with how much the media reports on? Do what you can to protect your children and educate them, but you can’t stop every child from being hurt, pray for them and pray for the parents.

  5. I think the people that blog 7 or 8 times about this daily and watch NG and report on this story day after day are bored, sad, lonely and sickly obsessed with it…..they need to MOVE ON ALREADY……

  6. Tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30pm, we will be putting up a 6ft, PINK cross that was specially made for little Caylee Marie at the site where her remains were found.
    Any locals that can attend, please come to show your support for Caylee’s memory.
    If you would like to see pictures of “Caylee’s Cross” email me at:

  7. In my defense I never said it was wrong for him to voice his opinion, I just felt that he was saying we didn’t need to even care about who did it and that opinion was wrong. We cleared that up in the next comment he made.

    Now, I also have to tell you all that I have a HIGHLY addictive personality and I get nuts about stuff like this. I blogged about this on Friday after watching Dr. Phil on Thursday. I was completely avoiding this case because I knew I would do this. I get sucked in and it really affects me.

    I have been honest here in my comments and I am not trying to belittle anyone. I do think that the media is only covering what ‘Crazy Casey’ has given them to cover…I mean she has been in and out of jail 3 or 4 times since July, more stuff continues to show up that needs to be reported to poor souls like me.

    The cold hard fact is that I want that bitch to rot. She and her twisted f’ed up family. And I am done…

  8. This is a blog… there is no point in “keeping things to yourself”. If you don’t want to read what people have to say, don’t 🙂

  9. I agree with you wholeheartedly, these voyeuristic/communal emotions aided by the media are very primitive and have little to do with individual emotional responsibility and maturity. It’s easy to be angry at some psycho and love , say, E.T., …but genuine engagement involves looking at your own gaps in awareness/faults and just trying to do it better when you can.

    How people love to have an enemy. Ah, if we could do without enemies to locate us, what a different world we’d live in.

  10. I hate to cast dispersions on members of the law Enforcement Community, But at sometime in the future, perhaps after the Anthony Murder Trial, Sheriff Kevin Beary, the current ‘Lame Duck’ Sheriff of Orlando County, Florida, needs to be held accountable for his Department’s total botching of the 3 separate tips called into His Sheriff’s Department in August 2008, reporting ‘a suspicious smelly garbage bag’ down the street from poor little Caylee Anthony’s home. When the bag of her remains was eventually finally found in the same general area as the area first reported 3 different times in August 2008, there was absolutely no soft tissue still remaining. Because of this, barring a confession from her killer, we will never know when or how she died. Of course the Hair Follicle test may still revile how many times if any, illegal substances were introduced in to poor little Caylee’s body, which would be great circumstantial evidence—it would not be definitive evidence. Shame on YOU and your Sheriff’s Department Sheriff Bearey!!!

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