Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – Truly Twisted

I found out the other day that Tim Burton is making a rendition of Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter. Very cool. The casting looks to be phenomenal. You can find the Alice in Wonderland IMDB data here.

Growing up, one of my favorite video games was American McGee’s Alice. The story is very twisted, essentially dealing with the effects of Alice’s demented mind influencing Wonderland, turning it dark and scary. For the longest time, there has been talk of turning that video game into a movie. At one point, Sarah Michelle Geller was attached to the movie, though that has since fallen through. Still, it would make one hell of a movie.

On that note, I am hoping that Tim Burton will apply some artistic license and make Alice in Wonderland a bit more twisted. Scheduled for release in 2010, I eagerly await this sure to be entertaining movie.

Speaking of a twist on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, there is a great book series out my Frank Beddor, called The Looking Glass Wars. The premise behind the books is a truly unique twist on Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a princess in Wonderland, who, falling through the Pool of Tears, is transported to the human world. She is just a child, and ends up in an orphanage, where she is adopted by the Liddel family. A friend of the family is the Rev. Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, to whom Alice tells her history…and so it goes.

I highly recommend The Looking Glass Wars to any fan of unique fantasy blended with history.

UPDATE: You can view some promo photos for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland here: Alice Photos

Also, for those who are interested, American McGee and EA have announced a sequel to American McGee’s Alice. You can learn more here: American McGee’s Alice 2. You can also listen to the original American McGee’s Alice Soundtrack here.

3 thoughts on “Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – Truly Twisted”

  1. Oh this sounds good, not only do I place Tim Burton on my genious pedistal, I love alice in wonderland. The VHS I had as a kid is still in my library, and I keep a VHS player, solely for it…

    Thanks for the good news… makes my day that much better

  2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, while a children’s book, is actually pretty twisted itself if you read closely enough 😉 I’m really excited to see Burton’s movie, too.

    Thanks for the tip on The Looking Glass Wars – I’ll have to check them out.

  3. Just came across your blog. If you check up on IMDB, and check the character names, you will see the new Burton movie IS based on the Looking Glass Wars 🙂

    Johnny Depp is playing Hatter Madigan

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